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Default Unexplainable problem


As the title suggests, I have a weird problem with external camera in my SH4 1.5. I don't think this is normal and I have not seen the same issue anywhere on Youtube in sh4 letsplays or anything else.

The issue is: The sea surface, waves, tremble/shake unnaturally and rapidly when moving the camera. For example all the sea waves shake when I turn the camera around. The faster I turn, the faster it shakes. Also, when I move camera forward with arrows, the sea shakes rapidly and unnaturally. This is a very annoying and frustrating bug.

Is there any solution? Hope you guys can help, thanks!

Here is some additional info you surely would like to know:
- I've purchased the game from steam, same with uboat addon.
- I've played the game for around 12 hrs alltogether. The bug is very recent.
- I'm playing on the highest resolution, 1920x1080
- The bug happens in all types of views, where sea is visible: external camera, periscope view (when turning the periscope around), etc.

My game is modded, here are the mods installed:
- TMOwtw 2.5
- OTC for TMO 2.5
- OTC for 16:9 screens
- OTC metric tools
- Easier AI for TMO 2.5 by Orpheus
- Websters improved underwater visibility for 1.4, 1.5 ('100)
- Less plankton 1.2

I also used ISE and ISE#2 natural colors but they are off now.

I think the bug would disappear if I would uninstall the game completely, meaning all the files would be deleted but I don't even know how to do that. I tried uninstalling and installing again but I feel like some of the files are still there, for example my saves are still there. What do you guys think?
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Thread moved.
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Yeah I know this problem, almost one everyone has it. Uninstalling it won't fix, there isn't really way to fix but I have found a way of having it less noticeable. Download Webster's GFO mod, delete everything in the folder except the scene.dat file. Make sure it's the last thing in your JSMGE that will overwrite all the other scene.dat files your mods would be using.

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Default thx

thanks for help!
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I found this helps;
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Do you have an older nVidia card, armatata? The ATI cards generally come OK with their driver install, but sometimes you have to tweak the nVidia cards and their settings. My brain isn't pulling in the correct terminology, but "anti-aliasing" sticks out for some reason... ?? I don't remember what you change...

OK, I found THEBERBSTER's How to change GPU settings thread in his SH4 <> TUTORIALS <> HOW TO DO IT thread, which is highly recommended reading...

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