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Default SH3Cmdr32 and GWX3

I do a fresh install SHIII 1.4 I load jsgme than SH3Cmdr32,
I install GRWX3 and the Patch for SH3Cmder but every time I start a new campaign I start with a chest full of medals and 25000.00 renown.
Guess who's my secret Santa.

evem some of my new crew get in on the action some with 0 exp but having nights crosses...I been dismissing those guys. {hate competition} Is there a file I can edit or somthing I'm missing in the install.

1 New Lorient v1 - GWX3 Merged Campaign
2 GWX 3 Wilhemshafen,St Naz,Schluese and xtra ships V6
3 New Lorient v1 - GWX3 Merged Campaign+Wilhelmshafen_et_al_V6
4 WAC4.1 SubPen_animated_18.02.2010
5 WB's USAM v69.61.1 Part 1
6 WB's USAM v69.61.1 Part 2
7 WB's USAM 2 Rubini's GWX 3 rocket fix
8 Undersea_Mod_Reworked
9 Stiebler_EnvSim
10 Rbs1_SH4_Effects_GWX_21_204f
11 LifeBoats&Debris_v4
12 Rbs3withlifeboat
13 Rbs2withbuoyance
14 TDW's Ship Plane Fire Damage_v1.4
15 Rubini´s Underwater dust&plancton v1_no blur
16 FixAllSubGWX
17 TKSS18 German U-Boats Compilation
18 New U-Boat Guns Fixed Reworked (for German U-Boats Compilation)
19 U-Boat Compilation waterstream
20 German U-Boats Compilation 2 (only VIIB & VIIC models by WISE)
21 German UBC_FuMO_Fix_SNS_GWX
22 Uboat Surface Riding Tweak v1.0
24 Visible Flags_high
25 emblems1
26 Das Boot Clothes
Thomsen's Sound Pack V3.2cg
27 WAC MaGui for GWXv3 - 1360x768
28 SB_cameras_mod_SH3
GWX - Open Hatch Mod
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