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Default Migrating old scanners to Windows 10

I had an older (but good) Canoscan 8400F. It does not work under Windows 10, and Canon says it has zero intention to give it dedicated new driver (its from I think 2007). Using the default drivers form CD or the downloaded Windows 7 drivers, did noit work, also no in compatability mode.

Since it is a Canon device, I am bitten twice: Canon HATES Linux and activekly refuses to supporting it by making Linux drivers. They are part of the boycotting anti-Linux front that Microsoft once built, years ago.

The Linux Sane project also has no help for it, as far as Linux is concerned.

But! With a little money I can save the old girl. Currently 17 Euros. The solution I am currently testing in free trial is named VueScan. It installs as a scannign software with a whole load of scanner drivers on board. I installed the trial software (11MB), switched on the TWAIN-scanner that the 8400F is - and it worked out of the box, without delay! Easier than ever before under XP and W7, I do not need to topen PSP9 to be able to get it scanning anything.

Tip for you, if you wonder how to get your old scanner running under W10, sinc so far it did not.
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Default Migrating Old Scanner to Win10

I've been using VueScan for several years now. I don't recall paying them anything but if the Free version is gone I still approve of Viewscan! It works great with my old scanner! Good luck! I still have the Scanner although it doesn't get much use anymore now that my new Printer is working. It's a HP printer and it eats ink like it think's it's gold, but the quality of the printing is great.

I've had the Scanner for years - probably bought it in the mid 2000's. It works as it should & I'd buy it again.

Stay Safe!
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