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Default Battleground Europe. Combined arms online game with tank simulation.

Perhaps some of you have heard of it, or even tried it out, I know dowly has as I saw him playing many years ago. But from what I have read here, quite a few are looking for the opportunity to use tanks in a multiplayer environment that has realistic damage unlike World of Tanks. Don't get me wrong, even a sim grognard like me dips in to World of Tanks every once in awhile, but it's simply not the kind of game I enjoy. This game has been my mainstay since 2006, and it has been around since 2001.
For those of you looking to tank online along others, facing against and playing with infantry, trucks, anti-tank guns, aircraft, and even a few ships, all with realistic damage and ballistics, this is what you're probably looking for.

Each game is on a half scale map of most of the area over which fall gelb and rot took place. Over the time of the campaign, every week or so, the equipment advances to another tier, offering access to more advanced equipment. Tier 0 has 1940 equipment, tier 1 has '41, and so on until early '44 equipment. The maps have lasted up to 101 days, and usually go around 45 days until one side takes enough ground. There are no loading zones, it is possible to drive as far as a vehicles fuel will take you, it is all one continues map.

Here is a video from 2004, explaining the damage model.

Here is a player made ad made in 2008, if anyone is interested in checking one out.

Here is a nice one showing some tanking. Video uploaded this year.
First scene I believe is a 38(t) firing on a happily oblivious French Char B.1.
Next is from the commander view of a IV.D, through a field alongside a II.C and another IV.D. Behind is some other tank I can't identify, not enough detail.
Third scene is from the gun sight of a III.F of H, shooting a French Panhard 178.
He then engages a Stuart M.3 and kills the turret crew.
It goes on from there.

Some action from a StuG IIIG, from 2006.

And more, without metal music over it. Using the B instead of G. From 2010.

Lastly, for a pretty cool video, if you find none of the others convincing, you can check out the team aspect of it! This video begins with a column advancing, then a charge across some open ground to reach effective gun range.

If you'd like to check it out, here is the website.
They have a 2 week free trial, then after that an account reverts to a free account mode with only access to lower equipment, I think just rifles and some other infantry equipment. In addition, they are developing a more casual game which if successful will allow BG:E to be updated more reliably. This game is called "Rapid Assault".
A pledge to the kickstarter for that game of 25$ will give you access, so if the goal is not reached for that, people who have pledged will effectively have gotten the game for free.

I'm not sharing this here as an advertisement, I just see posts going back for years with people asking for a multiplayer tanking game, and I figure there are some people here who would like to check either of these out.
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