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Default SBP version update

According to Ssnake, release of the 1st addon is "near".

Originally Posted by Ssnake
As of version 2.294, the following features have been added, improved, or bugs fixed:
  • Mines that explode near combatants will now show up on the 2D map as a green minefield.
  • Added feature to write hot keys to an HTML file.
  • Added tool to convert the map projection type in the map editor. (Available in classroom version only.)
  • Fixed bug in which crew information was not being sent properly over the network in certain special cases in network sessions.
  • SB will now search all subfolders of the standard scenario locations when joining a network session and searching for the scenario that is loaded by the host.
  • Pressing one of the view hot keys (F1, F2, etc...) when already in that view will now toggle the mouse steering on and off.
  • Expanded the amount of information in the HTML AARs by logistics as well as a detailed tracking of events, their times, and locations
  • Added the ability to create a completely user-defined language by adding a folder with language name to the ..\loc\ folder. (Start by duplicating a language of your choice, then translate the content of the files and/or replace the wave files).
  • Added tutorial for the employment of HE grenades from a vehicle’s grenade launcher
  • Added tutorial for the employment of bridgelayer tanks
  • Added tutorials for CV90 gunner & commander
  • Added multispectral smoke, and Galix protection system
  • Fixed bug (ammunition count in T-72 and T-80)
  • Fixed bug (M113SA4 no longer amphibious)
  • Fixed bug (turret rotation speed with hull turning into the same or opposite direction)
  • Fixed bug (turret rotation speed with hull turning into the same or opposite direction during network sessions with human gunner and commander)
  • Fixed bug (artillery delivered smoke now properly obstructs view of computer-controlled forces)
  • Fixed bug (Loss of alignment if gun is in back-deck clearance area is now indicated in the gunner’s primary sight)
  • Fixed bug (M1’s cal .50 and loader’s MG now don’t collide as easily as before)
  • Fixed bug (HIND now less vulnerable to small-arms fire)
  • Fixed bug (FIST-V day-channel and thermal view were not properly aligned)
  • Fixed bug (Leopard 2A4 battlesight procedure is now working properly)
  • Fixed bug (Infantry marked as killed on the host computer now gets properly killed on client machines, too)
  • Fixed bug (infantry ATGM launch sound)
  • Fixed bug (Bridges laid in network sessions can now actually be crossed)
  • Fixed bug (improved aiming procedures of computer-controlled gunners)
  • Fixed bug (added hotkeys to initiate a refill of ammunition ready compartment (no longer needs menu action to do it))
  • Fixed bug (remote control of other vehicles’ cal .50)
  • Fixed bug (some maps didn’t show properly georeferenced grid coordinates)
  • Fixed bug (Galix grenades now listed as of French origin – how could that possibly happen? Mon dieu…!)
  • Fixed bug (a missing resource file error for some languages)
  • Added CV-9040B infantry fighting vehicle
  • Added CV-9040C infantry fighting vehicle
  • Added Strv 122 Swedish main battle tank
  • Added rearward driving camera view for driver’s place of Strv 122 and Leopard 2A5DK
  • Infantry can now occupy buildings
  • Squads may now drop an unmanned ground vehicle (UGV) which can be remotely controlled and provides thermal and optical camera views from locations up to 300m away.
  • Added SPAG dummy for constructive simulation purposes (may not be in SB Pro PE since it's a rather useless thing at the moment)
  • Added CH-146 “Griffon” light transport helicopter
  • Light vehicles can now get damaged in collisions with tanks. Koga, beware!
  • Own troops now survive collisions with vehicles. You can still squash bad guys, though.
actually, they are already counting at version status 2.299.
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Old 11-02-2006, 04:22 PM   #2
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The uppgrade gets closer. More nice fixes and add ons. From Steel Beast forum:

More changes:
  • Fixed bug (Leopard 2 gunner can now change TIS settings while in KH mode)
  • Fixed bug (Troops no longer dismount automatically after engine turn-off)
  • Fixed bug (AT-6 “Spiral” reduced to 600mm RHAe)
  • Fixed bug (Clicking on the “Exit” button in the map screen will no longer activate the mouse steering in the next view)
  • Fixed bug (T-72 no longer shoots at distant targets with primary sight damaged)
  • Fixed bug (saved plans with units moved to the edge of deployment zones locked those units in place)
  • Fixed bug (T-xx gunners’ hatches now closed)
  • Fixed bug (Loading of PLN files during the planning phase blocked proper spawning of units)
  • Fixed bug (AARs now show troops that were killed inside of buildings)
  • Fixed bug (Selecting buttons and devices in 3D interior no longer are also treated as steering impulses)
  • Updated all MBTs’ armor files
  • Reduced external sound levels further when inside a vehicle.
  • Engines for helicopters can be turned off only when landed.
  • Adjusted brightness of thermal textures for a more consistent look.
  • Adjusted floating height of amphibious vehicles.
  • Added emplacment depth options for CV9040 and ASLAV.
  • Added new Instant Action scenarios for all playable vehicles
  • Added gunnery range scenarios for all playable vehicles
  • Added a multiplayer scenario "Evil HESH"
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Looks like they’ll need another week for testing…

Originally Posted by Ssnake
I'm terribly sorry to break the hard news to you, but Al wants to be really sure that we're good to release without the need of a quick patch afterwards, and insists on testing for another week. The reason for this is that our stock of CDs is running low, so we will have a new Gold Master made and we want to make sure that it will be good for a new production lot.
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