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Default Mod file question

I downloaded a sh3 mod for GWX 3.0 and it came in a DAT file (I think) like all the other mods that came with GWX. However, this was my first mod that didn’t come from GWX automatically, so I didn’t know how to properly install it. So, my dumb ass tried to open it in note pad. When I finally figured out that I had to move it to the mods folder, it didn’t work because it was in notepad form. Does anyone know how to change it back to a DAT file? I already tried deleting it and reinstalling it, but the new version came back in notepad form.

my issue has been solved!!


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Change the extension to *.dat, what's the problem? And what do you mean by notepad form, there is no such thing, most files can be opened with notepad, that's not always useful but it has nothing to do with the file itself.


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