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Capt Jack Harkness
Samurai Navy
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Default For anyone interested in modern tanks: GHPC

In early access at this point, lots to come in the future, but even at this point I’m getting vibes of Cold Waters and DCS.

Cold Waters because you’re thrown into skirmishes where shooting can start very quickly, there’s no spending hours getting to a battle, and the game abstracts many elements to streamline gameplay and emulate having a trained crew at your command.

DCS because there’s a huge amount of technical depth to the simulation. All major components of every vehicle exist in physical space and are protected (or not) by various types and thicknesses of armor. Ballistics and armor penetration have had a ton of work put into them. Each vehicle has a unique fire control and ranging system. All ammo types and missiles all have proper warhead effects, guidance and accuracy. All that but with common controls for all vehicles so it’s quick to get started.

So if you’re interested in a highly accurate tank sim with highly accessible gameplay give Gunner, HEAT, PC a try!

(I am not affiliated with the dev team, just a humble fan)
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I'll second the recommendation, Capt Jack. I've been having a lot of fun with, "Gunner, Heat PC." I like the fairly frequent updates and the improvements that keep rolling in, too.

The graphics are excellent, the gameplay is great, nothing not to like, and it is steadily getting even better.

I also play, "Steel Beasts Pro PE" and, "Steel Armor: Blaze of War". They're both excellent in their own way. I'd say that, "Gunner, Heat PC" is worthy of being included in that echelon of armor sims, already. And it's steadily improving.

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