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Icon14 Verdun/Tannenberg/Isonzo

I've been playing, "Easy Red 2", which Skybird recommended to me, and it's my favorite WW2 shooter these days. It was a great recommendation!

If you like the way that, "Easy Red 2" plays, you would most likely LOVE Verdun, Tannenberg, and Isonzo. Everything is historically accurate, uniforms, weapons, the whole thing. Uniforms and such are synced to date, so if a new uniform was issued, on the correct date in-game, you'll start seeing it. Same with weapons and other things.

The gameplay is very much like, "Easy Red 2", only set in WW1, with great graphics. It's hectic. If you ever wanted to be mustard gassed in your trench, these are your titles, LOL!

I have all three, with all the DLC, so I've covered the Eastern, Western, and Italian fronts. I also have, "Naval Hurricane", which is WW1 naval surface warfare, and I have, "Great Battles: Flying Circus", which is of course WW1 flying.

As you can probably tell, and as my personal bookshelf would reveal, I'm a bit of a World War One buff. Now if someone would make a WW1 sub sim, and a WW1 tank sim, I'd have a lot of The Great War covered. As is, I've got quite a bit.

You can also cover the WW1 era in, "Ultimate Admiral: Dreadnoughts", and I'm looking at one called, "Sprockets", which appears to offer a taste of something like WW1 armor if you make the right choices.

Anyway, Verdun, Tannenberg, and Isonzo are on sale right now, and I'd highly recommend them if you like WW1. Thought I'd mention it, for my fellow WW1 buffs.

Verdun on Steam

Tannenberg on Steam

Isonzo on Steam

Naval Hurricane on Steam

Flying Circus Vol. I on Steam

There you have it. Any other recommended WW1 titles?

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Old 03-01-23, 07:27 AM   #2
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For WWI ship surface combat.-NWS: “Steam and Iron: The great War at sea”. I still play around with modded “1914:Shells of Fury” and “Wings Over Flanders: BH&H2.”

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My Brother!

"Beyond the Wire," seems great (did buy it with the recent Steam sale) but seems sadly empty in the server department. Think it might be niche like Red Orchestra 2/Rising Storm where servers fill up on weekends but otherwise it's botville at best for the game.

Can't leave out Battlefield 1 (?) - the one covering WW1 - but it's obviously very, very Battlefield, so no realism for you! Still looks and plays nice, though.

"Holdfast," has a WW1 DLC available; played it a smidge but just didn't click for me as it seems as if you're still moving in 19th century speed in a 20th century war, so no bueno for me.

As always, "Rise of Flight," still exists but unless you're invested in it like I am owing to all the add-on planes I've bought over the years, I'd take a long, hard look at this before taking the plunge.

Lastly, "Wings Over Flanders' Fields," is out there too. I know bupkiss about this other than it's lauded for it's single player strengths but I'm sure I'll get this girl too at some point in the future.
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Originally Posted by Vox165 View Post
For WWI ship surface combat.-NWS: “Steam and Iron: The great War at sea”. I still play around with modded “1914:Shells of Fury” and “Wings Over Flanders: BH&H2.”
Couldn't help but notice this thread - wanted to engage in a shameless self-promotion... ... for the upcoming "Wolves of the Kaiser: 1914 - 1918". A SH4 supermod in progress that covers German submarine warfare during the great war. The goal is to make the most comprehensive WWI sub game since Shells of Fury, and there will be a huge roster of WWI dreadnoughts, cruisers, & destroyers.

Although the main focus now is getting out the German sub campaign, it will be possible to mod in British/Austrian/other subs, and even WWI surface combat.
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Old 03-26-23, 07:31 AM   #5
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For VR: Warplanes-WW1 Fighters. Good if not wanting to set up a full HOTAS and pedals every time you play.
Quick, uncomplicated access to the missionplay. Not the most realistic, but a very pleasant compromise between realism and arcade. And many different planes to sit i, 1-, 2- and multiple seaters. You can jump between seats and planes during mission.

Only VR.

Also: Warplanes: Battles over the Pacific. WW2, again, VR only.
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Thanks for the tips, everyone! I'll have a look at all the recommendations.

I have, "Rise of Flight" with all DLC. I've put a lot of hours into it over the years. I also have, "Flying Circus Vol. 1" for IL2 Great Battles.

I use a Proflight Trainer Puma for flight controls, as I fly helicopters a lot. It has cyclic, collective, and anti-torque pedals all in one package, uses only one USB slot. And in addition to being just the thing for helicopter sims, that long cyclic works like a charm for the WW1 aircraft. I add a normal throttle quadrant instead of using the collective and I'm all set, with mixture and prop speed levers as they apply. Prop speed comes into play with the WW2 aircraft in IL2.

I'll give your mod, "Wolves of the Kaiser" a go when that's released, iambecomelife.

I'm glad to see that I'm not the only one with an interest in World War One!

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