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Default seeking advice for a submarine tactics game concept

Hello everyone, I'm seeking advice for a submarine tactics game concept

I have always been fascinated by the romantic aspect of submarines, but I'm not a big fan of complex gameplay mechanics found in simulators. I enjoy aiming, shooting, watching explosions, and sinking ships. However, I don't like spending two real-time hours navigating through the ocean.

I enjoyed playing Atlantic Fleet for the ability to control multiple submarines simultaneously in an attack. But the gameplay was quite unbalanced (winning with submarines was too easy). For a while now, I've had this idea for a tactical submarine game in my head, and I even saw something similar on Steam called UBoat Commander, but it seems like the project has been abandoned.

As a game developer with several successful mobile projects under my belt, I've been considering taking on such a project. However, I'm struggling to come up with an interesting and somewhat realistic gameplay concept involving multiple submarines in a sort of RTT game.
1 Real distances are too vast (hard to see the battle map and waiting for ship/torpedo movements takes too long). Would it be too comical to scale everything down?
2 Where can I read about real submarine tactics? Most information I've found is too general.
3 A significant part of the gameplay is evading pursuit after an attack. How can this be made interesting? If a destroyer detects you, will it just chase you down, and then you wait for an attack with a random chance of survival?
4 I like the strategic map in Atlantic Fleet (moving ships around and engaging in tactical battles when they meet) - do you know any similar games?
Thank you in advance for your suggestions. Could you also recommend any active forums where I could discuss this topic further?

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Default Welcome aboard!

astanid!..."the romantic aspect of submarines"??!!

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-do you know any similar games?
“Wolfpack” by John Tiller Software is a Real-Time U-boat and ASW war game that can be played from either side.

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-do you know any similar games?
“Wolfpack” by John Tiller Software. RT U-boat and ASW war game that can be played from either side.
Thank you. I've looked at these games.
Wolfpack is a hardcore simulator even without a 3D mode,
RT U-boat - I can't find it ?
War on the Sea? - it's a continuation of Atlantic Fleet, but I find it overly complicated
Where can I read more about convoy tactics?
There are interesting diagrams here, but the game itself is no longer available.
From what I've gathered for myself:
map is rather big ocean square. You loose if convoy is gone away or subs destroyed. You 'win' if sunk all ships or disange (swim away from convoy)

submarines attack at night, while surfaced (or at a shallow depth).
submarines can change start position for attack start (or it can assigned randomly)
The convoy's task is to force the submarines underwater so they couldn't attack.
To detect a submarine, the convoy has ASDIC (doesn't work if the submarine is on the surface or very close) and later radar (doesn't work underwater).
Weapons included guns, ramming, and depth charges.
A submarine had to approach the convoy (the closer, the easier to shoot). Shooting is totaly arcade like in Atlantic Fleet.
On the surface, it could move quickly but would be noticeable; underwater, it moved slowly but was less noticeable.
Ships use spotlights (unreal but need to visualize spotting cones) - if caught in one, the submarine would be detected. As soon as detected, a flare would be launched, followed by gunfire.
If the convoy noticed an explosion or a flare, the searchlights would become larger and faster.
Tried to imagine 3d view. But i will need 2d tactical map as well

What do you think ?
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