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Default When Does b125 Go Stable?

The reason I ask is because I use the version with offline installer and they informed me b125 "stable" is not available. In other words, does GOG get the "stable" update as soon as it is ready? If so, is there an estimate of release for it?

Furthermore, the GOG version is only b124 Preview 4 (Hotfix 2 Sept 5th 2019), and not the final b124 release (this has been superseded with the b125 Preview 8) which is now available.

Update Note (12/04/2019): If you purchase the GOG version (No DRM) you have two options:

1. Offline installer (only supports stable versions) like the one mentioned (b124 Preview 4 (Hotfix 2 Sept 5th 2019).

2. Galaxy installer supports the most recent "unstable" updates actively supported by the developer. Both install methods are available from
upon purchase.

Note: Why Two Installers?

1. What is Offline Installer? Offline installer is a stand alone download copy with no online updater (like the old days) when we owned the (DVD) sim. Except it is a digital copy.

2. What is Galaxy Installer? Galaxy is an exe. from GOG which will checks your version (when logging in) in order to update automatically. This is similar to steam but with no DRM. At least that is what they claim.

I`m running the English Channel @ 18 meters [quietly] as I type this. . .Lol.


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Default Latest "unstable" update on for Uboat.

The latest update for Uboat has been posted on The version is: B125 Preview 8.

In order to access the latest "unstable" version you have to use the Galaxy download manger. The offline download will only host "stable" versions of the build (as in b124 Preview 4 (Hotfix 2). If you use the "Galaxy" installer make sure you turn "Beta Channel" ON (the right side of the installer page). This will enable the latest version to the left menu below (under "Override Features").

Here is the quote (unquote) from the developer concerning present and future updates for GOG users (04/03/2019):

"We were notified that the latest b125 versions on GOG weren't properly uploaded. We just fixed that for b125 Preview 8. Please re-download it, if you would like to play on the unstable branch." "Sincere apologies for the problem. We will keep an eye on such problems in the future!"

[Remember, you need to download Uboat from GOG with the Galaxy Installer to play the unstable version as formerly mentioned]. If you want to go back (to b124 Preview 4 (Hotfix 2) you must use the offline installer version.

Quote from support;

"Update 125 is an experimental patch that is available via GOG Galaxy. Experimental patches are available only via beta branch through Galaxy. We will upload offline installer as soon as the developer releases stable version of patch 125."

Nice to see prompt and courteous service after being in contact with GOG and Developer concerning the matter.


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Default Latest "beta" Update is Preview 9

B125 (Preview 9) is available on

I just downloaded this update (12/05/2019). It is another significant move forward for this promising sim. I started another "sandbox" career. The more I play this the more I am liking what I see.

I took down a freighter with one "warmed" T2 Torpedo and started to get greedy. I surfaced and started pounding away on another ship (the deck gun experience is pretty good) when all of a sudden shots were coming across my bow from quite a ways off. Patrol crept up on me due to being detected earlier by a merchant ship (I got to cozy on the surface in broad daylight). I crash dived and barley slipped away. I went down to 150 meters and could here them searching for me. This is very cool and tense stuff.

A few hours later when I surfaced I was strafed by an aircraft (must be a carrier in the area). I was fortunate enough to slip away again. This sim has so much potential.

A Critique: The one gripe I do have and I hope they address this: It has to do with the (fixed) external view of the sub in heavier sea state. The sub doesn`t look like it is moving through the chop like it should - in scale - but rather bobbing up and down in a bowl of jello on a bungee cord. It looks like the coordination with the physics model is out of sync or something I`m not really sure. It is not a game breaker but I hope they can fix this because everything else looks real good. On the other hand, the detached camera view ("N" key) does remedy this visual anomaly some what.

A Positive Note: I should also report on the problem I had with intermittent pauses (every 30-35 seconds) on the B124 Preview (Hotfix 2) version. Very irritating issue that killed immersion. Anyway, the issue went away after the (B125 Preview 9) update. Everything is nice and smooth now. This is good news.

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