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Old 07-11-2020, 12:04 PM   #1
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Default SH4 noob, need some help finding a good guide.

As the title says. I redescovered a copy of SH4 and decided to play it because why not? Problem is I've never played a SH game before and I'm having a hard time understanding the mechanics of the game.

I know how to move my submarine, how to plot a course and how to look for enemy ships (more or less, I've watched a video about it), problem is I always seem to run out of fuel pretty soon and I can't for the life of me complete my first mission to scout Hiroshima.

If you know of any good guides (preferably written, not a great fan of videos) I'd be very grateful. Obviously all the tips you can give are welcome! vshare

If anyone wants to help I have some more specific questions in mind. Thanks in advance to everyone.

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Default Welcome aboard!

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Welcome aboard, skipper!

YouTube has dozens of great videos. RockinRobins13 has a great series on his channel...

Good hunting!!
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Originally Posted by kiyolsakie6 View Post
problem is I always seem to run out of fuel pretty soon and I can't for the life of me complete my first mission to scout Hiroshima.
first, start a new career because the Hiroshima mission is for veterans not noobs. no disrespect intended but i am telling you the truth.

next, you didn't state what your mod set is. are you playing straight Stock? 1.4 or 1.5 or 1.5 Gold? any mods? if you are using mods, please post the JGSME mod list: Tasks-Copy List to Clipboard-Paste it here.

next, what boat are you driving from which base?

next, in general, so that you can start playing while we do the 60 questions, in general, you should travel at Standard speed. once you get the hang of the EOT and corresponding knots-speed, dial up the speed rather than use the EOT. it is more economical.

lastly, read through The Berbsters hints for noobs.
lots of good stuff there.
good luck!
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All the other captains have given great advice.

My input:
- Data mine this site and the web. Lot's of good stuff out there.
- Youtube. Rockin' Robbins, Werner Sobe and others have made some great
- Start playing the sim. Push buttons and see what things do.
- Make yourself a reference sheet with all the commands. If you don't have the
reference from the game, find it.
- Keep in mind this isn't some kind of 'run and gun' game. It's more a chess
match. It's going to take time.

My 2 cents worth.
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