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Default Survived my first surface to air battle

Running GWX I was on my 7th patrol in my Type VIIB in mid 1940. Off the west coast of Scotland. I had just taken down two auxiliary cruisers and had just finished dodging their destroyer escort.

After the coast was clear I surfaced to find calm waters. I was out of torpedoes in the bow because this wasn't my first engagement on this patrol. I slowed the ship down and since the sun was setting decided to take the opportunity to start loading the external torpedo so at least I'd have something up front.

My crew, probably slacking off, failed to notify me of the incoming wing of biplane patrol/bombing aircraft. Three in total. Noticing them myself and manning the flak gun I took aim and began firing. At first I was hopeless. The bombs of the first two planes went off around the ship, most well off of being a direct hit and I managed to land a couple rounds in one of the planes as it was flying away. It crashed soon after. One down two to go.

They came back for their second pass and began firing their guns, killing my sailor on the flak gun. I swapped him out and continued firing. Filled one of the aircraft's engines full of lead and it went down. The final aircraft made a successful bombing run and did some minor damage to the sub.

Now out of bombs he flew back to base and I never saw him again. We finished loading the external torpedo and after repairing the damage began heading to port to deal with our hull damage and bury our dead. Upon my return I bought myself a nice and shiny brand new VIIC.

EDIT: Thought the "what're you up to in your campaign" thread was stickied and didn't see it up there or down below. Sorry.

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