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bullhorn LSH3 - Bismarck is being a petulant child.

Goedendag Matrozen, ( its Dutch )

So ive been playing LSH3 a lot recently and am enjoying it a lot. but in LSH3 you have these special missions that you can do ( in the F1 help menu there are times and dates tied to specific locations )

it was nearing mid May 1941 so i decided to see if the bismarck needed some help. the radio messages confirmed she was in the area. and i eventually found her sailing in a circle about 4km in diameter on the 26th. i started patrolling the surrounding waters..... and have been doing that for several days....

its june the 3rd now and the Bismarck just keeps sailing merrily round and round like paul newman on his bicycle in Butch cassidy. I just ended up "parking" my Type 9 in the middle of the circle. still no Brittische battleships or cruisers detected. a convoy passed the bismarck within 1 Kilometer and she did absolutely nothing.

so.... help i quess ? tried reverting saves but that didnt work for me.
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Wasn’t her rudder broken? I think that is accurate!
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True her rudder was broken in a torpedo attack but the circle she makes isnt perfect. its more octagonal indicating that her rudder still works. plus if she was torped i would know. ive been shadowing the thing for a few ingame days already
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Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain!...

Pardon my manners. As Aktungbby says: "welcome to SubSim!"

Also, I neglected to include my video link for the above first line:

You are not supposed to attempt to figure out what's going on behind the curtain... you either got there too soon, or too late!

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Default welcome aboard!

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SSS! Donder, you're too curious!
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