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Onkel Neal
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Default World's greatest tennis player just won her first GS

at 19!
Go Canada!
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Gefallen Engel U-666
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my dad could play like that: backspin drop shots; and was a top of the club-ladder contender into his sixties. Three packs-a-day Marlboroughs notwithstanding! Indoor winter tennis in Minnesota with artificial lighting is BRUTAL. He tried to interest his kids;(lessons etc.) but none of us play the game. Some young 20's-aged turk got so mad at my dad's play/finesse style, he hit him with the racket and was banned from the club...
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Makes me wondering how she would have done with that against Steffi Graf who had the best and most agile leg and foot work ever in business.
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boy oh boy she's gotta great racket, it would be nice to see some video of her run in slow motion. I'll get my coat.
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Chief of the Boat
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Taking nothing away from her but I wonder how she would have coped with a younger Serena back in the day.
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Oh my God, not again!!

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When I played just a little for recreation it was the most fun to go full blast charge at the net and then just barely tap the ball when done right. It would be even more fun to put a little spin into it yet, but I've never had spin. Not on my bowling ball, baseball, racket ball, tennis ball, you get the drift. She must love to do those shots.
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Originally Posted by Jimbuna View Post
Taking nothing away from her ....
Why not? Oops now i'll get my coat..

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