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Default Le desért des tartares

I just discovered that after a veeeerry long absence from the VHS/DVD/Bluray market, a new release of this great French masterpiece has been published already in 2015, French original sound with English and French subtitles (no German). Customers hail the fantastic digital restoration of the visual quality.

The story of this symbolic film, as was the case with the novel by Dino Buzzati, is quite exitential-nihilistic, certainly no solace to be found in it, but the mood and atmosphere is very intense, desolate, isolated, and the movie, as far as I recall it, captures that and developes it further.

The movie was shot in the 70s at the citadel of Bam in Iraq. If you don't know it, this is really something to discover.

I will get a copy. I had a very old VHS recording from I do not know when, but it is lost since long.
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