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Default Lock On

Got it,, configuring the key board now to match other flight sims {IL-2,, and Strike Fighters } so far it looks good.
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So we had Flaming Cliffs 2 and there's DCS now, but I've only recently got a gaming pc that will run Flaming Cliffs. Before, when I tried installing this on my Win8 laptop, I got the Starforce anti-emulation thing... "Please insert original disc" (there was no Starforce on Lock-on, so I was able to play that on the laptop).

Now I've come to install Flaming Cliffs on my new XP desktop and I have the option to install it over my existing copy of Lock-on or set it aside as a standalone (Lock-on plus Flaming Cliffs) on the same drive; this is the "Lock-on Gold" pack I have here.

It all runs superbly, and I'm sure glad I have it, because internet connection issues mean that I will not be able to immerse myself in DCS World; I can run the free game with the Su-25 but that's as far as it goes for me at present. But I would just love all that WW2 scenery and aircraft!
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