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Default SH5 working under Linux

I don't know if many will be interested in this, but since I want to enjoy my feeling of achievement, I'll share this info here. There is a thread going on but I noticed it is in the MODs subforum so I'm posting here too for easier finding.

So, I finally have gotten SH5 working under linux! (xubuntu 12.04 in my case).

Basically I had to do what I said above:

1) Download wine source (I used latest 1.5.6 from sourceforge) here:

2) Extract in your docs folder (or wherever) with:

tar -xvfj wine-1.5.6.tar.bz2
Apply patch

(save the code as a regular file, in wine source folder (wine-1.5.6) name it for example hack-patch)

patch -Np1 -i hack-patch
3) In order to be able to compile wine, you need a lot of developing libraries you probably won't have in your system. Fortunately, in Ubuntu there is a very easy way to do this, with:

sudo apt-get build-dep wine1.4
(this installs all the needed libs for wine 1.4, it worked perfectly with 1.5 too)

in my system it downloaded about 200Megs of data

4) verify everything is ok with

5) if reported ok, you can then

6) magic will happen for a few minutes while new wine is compiled.
then the command

sudo make install
will setup your new wine binaries

7) Done!!

PS: Unfortunately in my first test sh5 runs sloooow compared to Sh4. That was to be expected, when the kids go to bed i'll test it a bit more, but I could load one of the historical missions and mess around a bit. Though I didnt go inside since I have no mods installed yet, and I never cared much to learn the new (silly?) sh5 interface!

Anyway my objective is achieved, I wanted to get the thing working, even if I don't play it!
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i play SH5 also on Ubuntu and work fine

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Nice to know I'm not alone!

The new 1.5.x development wine works without problem, I added the ppa to software sources and that was it. In fact the biggest problem was uplay, not sh5 itself!

Now I've been playing sh5 for the last month, and even with all its incredible bugs and weird faults, I surrendered to the beautiful graphics and the boat's interior ambient.

You have to love all the modders!
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linux, sh5, wine

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