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Default Best programs to edit .jrf files

Does anyone know what is the best program to use to edit or create .jrf Jumbot files for Destroyer Command/Silent Hunter 2, even if the ability to edit or create is limited? I'd like to make some modified .tga files for certain ships, but I can't get the model to open and apply a custom .tga file unless I can edit the .jrf files. Is there a quick and dirty way of creating .tga files for models without editing .jrf files? My ultimate aim is to hopefully create a fictional Graf Zeppelin aircraft carrier, or modify an existing carrier model file for that purpose, but it's going to need the right skin. Thanks.
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Sergbuto wrote a retexturing guide (use the Wayback Machine ( to see it):

It references tools by Covet and Ortega. Ortega's GUI was available here (again, use the Wayback Machine to see the page): (English) (Spanish)

Unfortunately, the download links don't work, and I don't have copies of the files. It might pay to check SUBSIM's downloads section to see if these tools are available individually or as part of some package. Sergbuto had them listed as Pacific Aces tools in a sticky at one time.

Good luck.
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