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Old 11-27-2007, 01:11 AM   #46
Bilge Rat
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Does the 48 passenger tourist sub in Hawaii count? Aside from that, I've been on Blueback and Bowfin.

I'm stationed at Wheeler AAF, Oahu... Would really like to get one of the guys at Pearl to show me a modern boat. Any takers?
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Old 11-27-2007, 01:38 AM   #47
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U 995, Laboe, Germany and that sub in New York City next to USS Intrepid.
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Old 11-27-2007, 01:40 AM   #48
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Default What subs have you been on?

I served on HMS Sealion, Olympus and Resolution during the 60's and 70's operating out of the Clyde Submarine Base in Faslane, Scotland. Lots of Cold War operations..!!

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Old 11-27-2007, 03:05 AM   #49
Machinist's Mate
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14-16 years ago our band (not active anymore) was having 3 gigs at Russia and we spend one week there. During our stay in town with naval base, we get to visit some old training submarine. There was newer subs at the harbor too, but we were not allowed the get even close of them (nasty looking guards with guns)

But anyway we get to visit that older training sub, but it was tied to harbor and they didn't take us anywhere from there.

Too bad that at the time I was more interested in guitars and chicks, and not so much in subs

By the way. One gig was at some warship (most interesting place I have played)
Sailors at the warship were very kind and hospitality was excellent all the time.
- Melendir -

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Old 11-27-2007, 03:52 AM   #50
Rotary Crewman
Sonar Guy
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Does this one count? It went underwater
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Old 11-27-2007, 04:16 AM   #51
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USS Pampanito (Balao-class) in San Francisco, U-2540 (type XXI) in Bremerhaven, U-995 (type VIIc) in Laboe.

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Old 11-27-2007, 04:38 AM   #52
The Bandit
Sonar Guy
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sadly I can't say I was ever aboard but, I got a tour of the Halifax Dockyard in 2005 and got to be about 10 feet away from all three of our Atlantic Fleet subs, HMCS Windsor, which was being worked on at the time and became our first operational Victoria class, HMCS Corner Brook, which had a flag up that showed she was under overhaul and not normally manned, and HMCS Chicoutimi, which was still being worked on from the fire. I was there to see the HMCS Sackville (won 2nd in this essay contest back in High School) I will see if I can dig up the pics.
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Old 11-27-2007, 05:03 AM   #53
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I was aboard a Whiskey-class sub about ten years ago. (I think it was some radiostation that owned it...for a while, dont know what happend with that sub, it's no longer in Stockholm anyway...
PeKe, not just an ordinary man!
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Old 11-27-2007, 05:06 AM   #54
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U-505 in Chicago, USS Silversides (SS236) in Muskegeon, Michigan twice - bunked overnight on her both trips as they were camp-outs (sorta) for my son's cub scout troop. Different perspective waking up on board (aft torpedo bunk).
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Old 11-27-2007, 05:59 AM   #55
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USS Cod, in Cleveland. USS Requin when she was in Tampa.
USS Silversides when she was in Chicago.

2 years on USS Patrick Henry, decommissioning crew.
3 years on USS James Madison
1 year on USS Haddock.
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Old 11-27-2007, 06:08 AM   #56
klh's Avatar
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Mine is a short list:

HMS Onyx

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Old 11-27-2007, 07:47 AM   #57
Lucky Jack
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Originally Posted by Stealth Hunter
Originally Posted by AVGWarhawk
USS Torsk....I'm there every Saturday restoring the old girl. Drop on by if you are visiting Baltimore.
Hey, my nephew might be dropping by there come June 2008! I'll have to get him to run by and bug yeh. That boy's obsessed with planes, subs, ships, and destruction (though he's VERY careful around historical items, thank god).

EDIT: I've been on board a couple, including a time that I went diving in a Russian one. Really fun, but goddamn did my ears hurt afterwards. Been a long time since I'd been in one for leisure.
Please tell him to come on by. He can have run of the entire boat. If he stays long enough he will be handed some brass polish and a rag. But really, I will take him to parts of the boat that tourist are not allowed to go. Such as the conning tower and looking throught the scopes. She has the original WW2 attack scope but the observation scope was replaced.
“You're painfully alive in a drugged and dying culture.”
― Richard Yates, Revolutionary Road
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Old 11-27-2007, 09:13 AM   #58
Electrician's Mate
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USS Cavalla - Galveston

Ah, but next year!
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Old 11-27-2007, 09:24 AM   #59
Monica Lewinsky
Grey Wolf
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Cobia: Manitowoc, WI
U-505: Chicago, IL
USS Silversides SS-236: Muskegon, MI

Sink them all!
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Old 11-27-2007, 10:04 AM   #60
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U 2540, type XXI
Deutsches Schiffahrtsmuseum, in Bremerhaven

U 10, type 205
Deutsches Marine Museum, in Wilhelmshaven.

The U-2540 in Bremerhaven was cool-looking from outside, but as soon as I got inside I got disappointed. The most of the original are removed, for example the hydraulics used to load torpedoes. And the 400m-deep depth-meter was also missing, only the shallow-depth meter were there. Periscope wasn't working its just fake for looks only. The telegraphs got labels over the original "Full flank, 1\3 ahead", etc showing only 1,2,3,4 or something. Why not remove those? The hatch to the conning tower was locked.

Otherwise, it was cool visiting those boats.
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