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Icon14 Steel Fury a 2023 summary

If you're wondering whether Steel Fury: Kharkov 1942 still holds up in 2023, the answer is a resounding yes. This World War II tank simulation game continues to deliver.

The vanilla game is set with the historical backdrop of the Soviet attempt to reclaim Kharkov in 1942, Steel Fury offers three campaigns, each with its unique challenges. You can choose to roll with a T-34, take the Matilda out for a spin, or engage in battles with Panzer IVs.....

Continue here https://theantisocialgamer.blogspot....23-gaming.html
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I wholeheartedly agree with the above recommendation to support Graviteam's Steel Fury 43 being one of the best, (if not the best!) WW2 tank simulation.

Despite its advanced age and therefore little "muted" graphics it is still a great title that every WW2 tank enthusiast should try.

Added bonus is the series of YT videos by Tonci87 which is IMHO the best way to get introduced and follow up (sometimes complex) tank battles gameplay in this game.

Check it out :

Highly recommended!
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I searched internet infos about this game, the pity is it seem's there are a lot of mods, but the links are dead....!
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I went and got SFK42 since it was the price of a bottle of coca cola. I vaguely remember the demo from eons back and that it caused me some headaches, mainly because I have zero understanding of tank operations. Also got the STA 3.4 mod installed and (presumably) working. Looking forward to the second attempt at learning tank 101. Still there are some issues I wish I knew my way around. The manual can be "difficult" and tactics, well, trial and error I suppose, as far as my patience will allow.

Either I'm doing something horribly wrong, or this is a very broken game.
Driving tutorial: The other tank that the AI races around was found laying on its back after trying to get through the anti tank obstacles. I tried to get through and the destructable obstacles did judo on my tank and sent it too over on its back.
Single mission, Krasny Gigant: One of the tanks got flipped over after driving over a wooden fence.
Shooting tutorial: Sometimes the tank doesn't move, other times it moves without ever stopping, sometimes it travels back and forth, other times it races off to god knows where with no rhyme or reason to where it's going. Sometimes I can tell it to stop, other times it completely ignores all commands. Sometimes the hits are registered so the mission can go on, other times the flaming wrecks don't count as hit, let alone destroyed.
And the absurdities just keep piling up.

Testing various settings. Turned on invulnerability. Mission: Krasny Gigant. Tank killed by AT gun, one shot one kill. Not even game settings work. How can anyone say this game is anything but utterly broken?

Commander Training mission (MkII): Friendlies don't fire and after staring at the first AT gun for a while, stop listening to orders alltogether, Enemies in plain sight are undetected and can't be eliminated since they can't be shot at by anyone and they dodge the tanks effortlessly.
Commmander Training Mission (T34-76): Tank is a Mathilda Mk II and same as before, none of the friendlies fire at anything, enemies in clear sight can't be spotted and can't be shot at.

So far, the ONLY, and I really mean ONLY, thing in this game that has worked at all are the menu buttons that will take you to the appropriate pages. That is not a lot.

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Originally Posted by Exocet25fr View Post
I searched internet infos about this game, the pity is it seem's there are a lot of mods, but the links are dead....!

Here you go. Just tap the ‘translate’ at the top of your iPad/browser etc.
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