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Originally Posted by Rhodes View Post
A drive A: in a modern PC .

Which update for TMOverhauled v2.5 BH? The one that BH ask me for help testing too?

Never used multi on SH4, been always a TMO user and was waiting for the WW1 mod to go there.

Going to do the N clean instalation again

Edit: oki. My new PC is trolling me. I did a clean install and the game loaded fine. Vanilla stock 1.0 Vs. Already in 1920x1080p etc.
I must have forgotten to erase the sh4 folder from my documents. But the game loaded fine. I installed the U-boat add on and also fine.
Now mods. But will do the Laa before.
And I do have pictures to prove it!

And its back. Spoke to soon:
I reboot the computer after installing the frameware software so LAA could run. I did the "patching" and went to see if the game run and black screen.

Before that I just installed jgme and copy mods to the mods folder, didn't not enable them.
It's a windows 11 thing, with my scanner is the same. I have an old epson v4990 photo and after installing the drivers, the scanning software runs. If I reboot or shutdown the PC and next day come back the scanner is not recognised by windows. I have to install the drivers again. I look up and more people reported this problem.

But i found out that if I switch on the scanner before my PC, the problem does not occur.

Yes, same Update. I like to have a couple testers in addition to myself, fresh sets of eyes may pick up things I do not, or one tester may not. Sim is dynamic enough experiences are rarely the exact same.

I am waiting on the WW I mod as well. Doubt I will totally abandon fleet boats or TMO as much left to do, but I am excited for this basically unexplored era in subsims.

Sorry to hear about all of your issues, I hope you get them worked out.
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