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SH4 Added Swastika to flags and medals mod almost ready

This is TBoone I have taken it appon my self to add the Swastika to the U-Boat Missions Add On of SH4 I have done this by adding the Swastika to all of the German Medals and the German flag "And Be Ashured I Have Done This For Historical Acuracy Only" . I will release this mod by the end of Febraury 2010 and it will be JSGME ready . I will upload it into the Download Section of SUBSIM Radio Room .
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I for one will be looking forward to it
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I dont really venture into the U boat side much but good job, this would def add to the game.Kind of a big omission by the devs to leave them off German flags.I know about the laws in germany were used as a reason but guess what, make a german version with no nazi flags.
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