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Default Stadimeter/Periscope modding questions

The german stadimeter in Sh3 was so horrible that I remember applauding the SH4 version. Now I hate it beyond words. I'd like to see a very different Periscope system, where you just sit at the periscope in 3d view and:
- you can see the AOB finder on the periscope 3d model and drag it there
- have the stadimeter angle rotate the middle ring automatically (as you can see in the picture, they didn't have markings for the angles so i guess it moved by itself)
- have the top of the Priscope station fixed while the rest of it move with the camera as you rotate the periscope; you won't see the bearing on the periscope view, but will see it when you look above the periscope on the markings there.
- press and hold(or just toggle) right/click to view through the periscope and go back when you release the button (or click again)
- rotate the stadimeter for horizontal angle readings
- have the Observation Periscope NOT linked to the TDC even when Autoupdate is on and be able to either see the angle of the lens or use the stadimeter as a sextant (not sure if the observation scopes had a split prism).

1. Is there any way of using the stadimeter without having a ship as a target? I'd also like to adapt the Observation periscope to work as a sextant.
2. Any way of controlling the angle that the stadimeter is showing? I want to have it show a value of 10 when I place it over the 10 mark on the periscope.
3. Any way of rotating the "prism"?
4. How can I change the markings on the Periscope views? Are they from a dds/tga file or are they hardcoded?
5. How can I link the rotations of 3d objects on the sub to the periscope movement? It works for dials, so it should work for 3d objects too.
6. How can I use the right click to look through the periscope and then be thrown back to the previous camera (updated with the rotation) when i release the button?
7. How can i see the vertical angle of the periscope?

I don't really expect all of these to be possible but who knows. I will write a petition to Ubisoft for a more proper moddable system, if not for SH4 then for SH5. With just a little programming and 3d moddeling we'd be able to make anything in this game I'd rather have all of the interface in 3d, with absolutely no 2D parts so that it would be resolution/aspect ratio independant. All orders would be given by clicking on the proper officer, or just stand near one of the many sound pipes they had on the sub and have the orders in a hyerarhical SH3 type list.

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