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Default May 26 - U-48 Crew - 20:30 US Central

Memorial Day is here - in honor of those who gave some and often all on all sides, letís get together and do some training!

Our maiden run on Friday night was stellar - letís keep the meetings up in between so we stay this sharp!

A word about the 4th Flotilla on Discord- Iím very enthusiastic about this group as they are lending to Wolfpack that very thing which Iíve been searching for to give purpose to patrols: A leaderboard, competition, consistent crews, medals etc. The current competition is a tonnage competition that will end in a week or two, with a new event starting a week or two later. Typically these runs involve only one boat against a convoy, but that may change in the future.

U-48 Is currently full, but if we get another three people or so, we could foreseeably form another boat in the flotilla, as it is a three person minimum crew. Please reach out to me if you are interested in getting this set up!
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ill be on station from 2:00am gmt 20:00cst for our practice mission

black cats are supposed tobe unlucky and so it proved for the tommies
on our last outing lets keep it up guys and gals

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U-48 Training Mission

After the 4th Flotilla Meeting on discord on Sunday evening the crew of U-48 had a training mission.
Crew in U-48

Kapitan derstosstrupp Navigation Periscope
XO nocken Tdc Helm
Dive Office blackswan Dive Station reserve Helm
Coms/Hydro Officer Hanz

When the mission spawned U-48 found herself in front of a bow on Large Convoy heading towards us we could'nt believe our look
it was like all our christmases had come at once.
derstosstrup ordered prepare for dive the bridge crew went below and ensured the hatch was shut.
blackswan flooded forward balast tank nocken flooded the stern balast tank negative tank was flooded then empted
leaving needle on 0.05.
Swanny then leveled the U-48 by now the Convoy was on top of us derstosstrup and nocken working as team one on scope other on tdc entering data range angle on bow.
Then torpedo after torpedo was launched at our prey then within thirty secords hit after hit soon the tonage begun to rack up.
Then Hanz on sonar reports two escorts closing pinging but far enough away for us to manouver away from them slowing down
and using the attenion then 10% slower on engine telegraph/helm station soon the pinging stopped as U-48 was only doing 1.5 knots and the escorts soon lost contact.
We were able to rengage targets of oppertuning as we were still in amongst the large convoy soon U-48 was racking up even more tonage even scoring a hit and kill with our last eel U-48 slipped away well satisfied with their efforts and endevours.
This is what you can achieve in Wolfpack with a well trained disciplined crew all you need is a few good men

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