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Default Adding ShipBubbles tutorial

In response do Dupxo7's post in TWoS thread, here's a short tutorial for adding air bubbles to sinking ship in SH5.

1) Configuring Goblin - if you have not used it before:

Goblin is included with SH5, and you'll find it in your SH5 folder. There's couple things to do to set it up:
- first, right click the app, acces properties and in Compatibility tab, select "disable visual themes" to prevent menus flickering
- launch Goblin, select Tools > Options and there, enter path to your SH5 folder in "ActorsDirectory" and in "RootFolder" lines.

2) Adding Bubbles:

Lets use T3 Cimmaron Tanker as an example. Its files are stored in folder:


- open NOL_T03.GR2 file

- select File->Merge and double click NOL_T03.zon file

You should now see Cimmaron Tanker in 3d view window on the right. In left pane (called "GDS Scene Tree"), you see ship's bone structure and in middle pane (called "Project Tree"), its controllers. Look for controller SH3ZonesCtrl@NOL_T3 and click it. This will open damage editor window, and in 3D view you should now see a bunch of white boxes all around the ship.

- in Damage Editor, select "Box". New box will appear, highlighted red. This is you new damage zone.

- Use "Position" menu in damage editor window to move and rescale box to your liking - move it somewhere you would like bubbles to originate from, like large hatch doors or other openings. If you have problems seeing where your box is due to ship's hull obscuring it, you can toggle (under "View" in main window of Goblin) "Toggle Draw Wireframe" to enable a see-through view of the ship.

- After you've positioned your box, in "Zone Type" menu in Damage Editor, find "ShipBubbles" zone type.

- If you want bubbles come from more places, reprat these steps adding new boxes until you're satisfied.

- Close Damage Editor window.

After you've made changes, entire selection of damage controllers under NOL_T3.zon file in Project Tree will be highlighted red. Right click NOL_T3.zon and select "Save File", this will save your changes.

If you relaunch the game and sink Cimmaron Tanker again, it should generate air bubbles when sinking.

3) Making it in JGSME friendly way: Instead of changing files directly in SH5's data folder, better option is to create a new folder ("Bubbles_Mod" for example), copy all files that you will be changing together with their paths, so if a file is in:


you should put the copy in:


Then work on these copies instead of files in your data folder. This way, instead of messing with your TWoS installation (which could backfire if you make any mistakes), you are creating a new addon to TWoS which you can then enable/disable at will with JGSME.
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