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Default My Tonnage Bar Now Works For Me - Oh Yeah

Hi Guys

I have been playing South Western Approaches (SWA) with mixed results.

My first merchant a Uekel SPT 1765 tons did not activate the Tonnage Bar (TB).

The next 2 targets from a large escorted convoy a Liberty Cargo 7174 tons and a SV Medium Freighter 7840 tons both showed on the TB.

I managed to get ahead of this convoy again and sank a Liberty Cargo 7174 tons and a Large Steamer 7028 tons another 14202 tons, neither of which showed on the TB.

This really p----d me of and got me thinking.

I had had enough of this c---p.

With SWA taking up to 2 weeks to get to the patrol area.

Refuel and rearm time in the bunker.

Up to another 2 weeks to get back to the patrol area again.

This large amount of time cannot be afforded when your torpedoes are being reduced on targets that do not count towards filling the TB and fulfilling the patrol objective.

The answer I have come up with was important to me that it had to be within the spirit of playing the game.

Fill the TB manually with every sinking regardless, on every patrol now, and in the future.

By this I mean, if you were a captaining a U-boat in WWII and you came across a merchant on your way to your patrol area you would not ignore it because you want to save your torpedoes for your patrol area, you would want to do your duty and sink it.

I have decided to adopt the same approach.

Whether I sink 85 tons or 16000 tons it is all going to go on my TB.

I have also sunk a fishing boat 85 tons and a Coastal Boat 90 tons.

This is going on my TB as well.

The Captains Log shows the patrol tonnage sunk, so I always know what my total is at any given time.

This presently stands at 33056 tons.

My TB was only showing 15014 tons of it.

If you like the sound of this idea and would like to give it a try.

Get the total tonnage of ships sunk from your Captains Log.

Follow the numbers >

1. My Documents folder

2. SH5 folder

3. data folder

4. cfg folder

5. SaveGames folder
< Send a short cut of this folder to your desk top so you can update the Campaign CFG file easily each time you play.

6. Find your last game save by the latest Date and Time

0000000f 02/02/2015 File folder < Saved Game example.

7. Campaign-2014-10-22-2016 folder < Campaign example.

8. Campaign CFG file
< Update this file.

Scroll down through the data and look for the patrol that you are doing.

You are only interested in the 2 blocks of data below.

[Campaign.CampObj.MacroObj 5.PersObj 1.Amount]


< This tonnage or greater completes the patrol objective.


[Campaign.CampObj.MacroObj 5.PersObj 1.CrtAmount] < Always look for the CRTAmount.


Tonnage=33056 < This is where you enter your total sunk from your Captains Log.

Every time you add additional tonnage you will see your TB increase.

After you exit your game go to your desk top shortcut and enter the new total.

Go to File.

Go to Save.

Do this each time you exit from your game.


Whether the tonnage bar starts working again or not does not matter anymore as I have complete control.

My Captalns Log will always confirm the total that I need to enter.

I would like to thank Mikael Landerlund for his original idea for making me take a look beyond the horizon.

I know this works and it has lifted my spirits in what was becoming a depressing game.


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