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Default Outbound Transit - Entered Iceland Passage

Originally Posted by Kapitän View Post
Started new career in August 2019 to commemorate the beginning of WWII, 80 years before ...


U 115
- KTB -
First War Patrol
(17th war patrol overall)

Friday, 19 March 1943 - Norwegian Sea -

0000 - CO₂ Warning at 1.9%.

0333 - Qu.4455AF - Course 270°.

0545 - Breakfast for the Port Watch. Setting for Reception Depth.

0550 - T=20.

0552 - S-Tiefe. Morning Dawn. 7/8-Moon in the West.
Battery 65.7%; Compressed Air 270 Atü; CO₂ 2.7%.

0557 - Surfaced after 11h 40' and 32.6nm.
Weather and Sea unchanged in 3 days.

0600 - Boat ventilated; Compressed Air Supply filled. Breakfast for the rest of the crew.

0605 - Charging batteries: Stbd.-Charging, 496RPM; Port-Propulsion, 375RPM.

0635 - Battery charged to 75%. 7/8-Moon setting in 300°true.

0726 - Sunrise. Weather and Sea unchagned in 3 days.

0806 - Qu.4446AF - center right - Right during watch change, ALARM! from A/C in 315°true, E=10500, on course south (No FuMB and no Magic Eye Warning). Interrupting charging process at 85%. At A-Meter no Wabos and no sound contact. Submerged cruise at A-20.

0914 - Setting for Reception Depth.

0919 - T=20.

0926 - Surfaced from S-Tiefe after 1h 20min., and 4.0nm.

0930 - Boat ventilated and Compressed Air Supply filled.
Continue battery charging (83.6%) as before.

1130 - Battery Charged (2h for 16.4%); 2xH.F.

1200 - Qu.4444AF - Days Run: 134.5 nm - ↗ 88.8nm (8h 04') - ↘ 45.7nm (15h 56')
Total: 1478.6 nm (6days 14h 17') - ↗ 1398.1nm (5days 10h 58') - ↘ 80.5nm (1day 3h 19')
On course 270°; 484cbm (1cbm in 24h)

1834 - Qu.6655AE -

1925 - Sundown. Weather and Sea unchanged in 3.5 days. 7/8-Moon in the East.

2303 - F.T.'s from B.d.U.:
OKW-Report: The British 8th Army has started its offensive against the Axis Mareth defense line.
B-Dienst Report: The new Allied radiolocation system ASV 271-Mark-III (9.7cm Range) was used over the Bay of Biscay by bombers of the RAF No. 172 Squadron. This new radar system can locate Uboats at a distance of 12nm (22.22km).
To U 191: Fiehn: Proceed to AE 2233 at high cruising speed. From there obtain information on the ice boundary north of Iceland and in the Denmark Straits. Report on this at the latest by 26.3 south of 61° N. Remain unobserved as far as possible and you are forbidden to attack any ships except troop transports and cruisers and above.

Cmdr.: I appears as though, that at least some of the attacking aircraft are also equipped with the new radar system (mainly Sunderlands), as it seems that our installed FuMB system is unable to detect this new radar frequency. Detection by Magic Eye has only been done once thus far.
The boat that we left in convoy with from Kiel and Kristiansand, received special orders. We wish her best of luck!

KorvKpt.& Cmdr. U 115
Started new career in August 2019 to commemorate the beginning of WWII, 80 years before ...


U 115
- KTB -
First War Patrol
(17th war patrol overall)

Saturday, 20 March 1943 - Norwegian Sea -

0530 - Qu.6555AE - North of the Faeroe Islands - Course 252° - Entry to the Iceland Passage.

0555 - Morning Dawn.

0742 - Sunrise. 7/8-Moon setting in the West. Weather and Sea unchanged in 4 days.

0753 - Crash Dive for Training and Test Dive acc. B.d.U.-Standing Order No.507.

0853 - Surfaced after 1h and 3.8nm.
Weather and Sea unchanged.

0900 - Boat ventilated and Compressed Air Supply filled. 2xH.F.

1200 - Qu.6577AF - Days Run: 304.8 nm - ↗ 301.0nm (23h) - ↘ 3.8nm (1h)
Total: 1783.4 nm (7days 14h 17') - ↗ 1699.1nm (6days 9h 58') - ↘ 84.3nm (1day 4h 19')
On course 252°; 470cbm (14cbm in 24h)

1227 - Outgoing F.T.: To B.d.U.:
18.3., 1126, Qu.4499AF bottom right, Alarm for Sunderland, 2x2 Wabos no damage. 18.3., 1720, Qu.4491AF center, Alarm for Sunderland, 4 Wabos no damage.
18.3., 1817, Qu.4459AF bottom right, Alarm for Sunderland, Machine Gun Fire and 4 Wabos behind the boat. Tube VI can only be opened and closed with great effort, will attempt to repair with onboard tools. Test of Pi-G7H acc. B.d.U-Order No.307 without complaints. 19.3., 0806, Qu.4446AF center right, Alarm for A/C, no Wabos.
Test Dive acc. B.d.U.-Order No.507 without complaints. 470cbm. N4/3, clear, good visibility, >1000mb. Continue outbound transit. - RST -

1746 - Qu.67455AE -

1947 - Sundown. Weather and Sea unchanged in 4.5 days. Full Moon in the East.

2303 - F.T.'s from B.d.U.:
B-Dienst Report: Auxiliary Aircraft Carrier USS Bogue (CVE 9) and her task group departed Argentia, Newfoundland bound for mid-Atlantic rendezvous with eastbound Convoy SC123.
To all boats: Because of the homeward-bound blockade runners "Regensburg" and "Karin" attack on unescorted independent ships is forbidden with immediate effect within a 200-mile wide strip, 100 miles either side of a line from CD 32 to AK 13. All independent ships encountered within this strip are to be reported immediately. Further areas will be closed in due course.
OKW-Report: Continued attacks of the British 8th Army against the Mareth-Line of the DAK in southern Tunisia.

KorvKpt.& Cmdr. U 115
KSDII-Ace/GWX 3.0 Gold/CCoM 10.0 + h.sie-patch; Windows 7 (64-bit); NVIDIA GeForce GTX650 (310.90)
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