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Icon7 Just 1 Screen.

Hello Community, i am sorry to be so silent.

i just work hard on the Project, and the Most Things i do, are Programming, Optimation, and Scripting. This give not so much "Screens".

Also i do not want to show all my Ideas bevoure i release / or go to Kickstarter,the Past shows me: was not a good Idea.


Just to show you something:

the DLC Submarine XXI on his way.
The Materials are not final, this is Staff for my Alpha Team.

Alpha will be last Start @ End of April / Midth of Mai of 2020, point is: how good i come forward.

but: dont cares

just to show you, Seahunter is not "death" or something. Dont worry.

i just working hard.
It s a lot of Things i include, all was Wishes of the Community.
so: this takes some Time

Some Details i missed, between the Boats:
Complain Typ XB, VII ( A B C D ) and XXI.
Max Torpedo Loading.
VII ( A B ) 11,
D ( 9 )
(D can also carry up to 12 mines ).
XB ( 6 )
(Can carry up to 66 mines)
XXI (24)
Max OverwaterSpeed:
XB / VII 18 Noths.
XXI 18 Noths.
XB / VII 8 Noths,
XXI 18 Noths.
Reload Time:
XB / VII @ Tube: 3 Minutes.
XXI : 90 Secundes, 6 Tubes same Time.
Maximum Diving Deptht:
XB / VII Flexible. ( Every Boat, have a max Diving individual. no player will have same secure Diving Depth ).
mostly between 140 and 160 Meters.
( VII / XB Can hold up to 200 Meters, but you will see the Moment, Water join's the Boat, than you are to deep. If to much Water inside, you will not come to the Surface again).
Typ XXI 360 Meters.
( up to 400 Meters, see: water in depth like VII XB).
Max Attack Dive Deep:
XB / VII 10 Meters.
XXI : 200 Meters.
Torpedo Types:
XB / VII G7A, B, C, some Prototypes.
XXI: Developet Prototypes, self Searching Goal Algorhytm.
XB / VII Snorkel up to 11 Meters Diving Depth.
XXI : Snorkel up to 11 Meters Diving Deptht.
Nightview Persiscope.
Underwater Radar for Goal Solutions without to diving up to the Surface.
Maximum Battery power:
XB / VII : 500 Default, 1000 Max.
XXI 2000 Default, 6000 Max.
have a nice Day
PS: Type II is not includet here. This will join later.
It s not interesting for the german Storyline this time,
later it joins with Missiones in the Tarenthsee.

Typ IX is also not includet. This time i see no need to develop this Boat Type, because: it s a Thing between Typ VII C and Typ XB. So it s nothing special for the Game.
Maybe it join's later, this time the Work is in an other Focus.

dont worry. we are on a really good course.

best Greetings to you all, and have a nice Easter Feast

Andy / Smoking Head Studio.

PS: If you have any Questions to the Project, plz write it here, i will respond ASAP.

Smoking Head Software.

German Developer Studio.

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Rudd fish in the ocean?

SILENT DEPTH the submarine simulation for your mobile device

Silent Depth Manual
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