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Default Important Informations to the Comunity but no Screens

You need to be willing to Read + Understand what i write here.

My Brain is short befoure to explode.

like the Wishes of Community, i have translated this to DEEPL.
but, i cant "garanty" that deepl translate this right.

And yes: i own you a "Sorry" for: not to post my intern "Alpha" Version Mail, not here, only on Facebook.

i hope you not lost your believe.
A lot is happen.


So: To tell you what is happening, and i hope you understand my Thinking to this, here the Original Text for Facebook! This is serious.

i thank you all, for the Support, i hope you all enjoy the Result.
A "Kickstarter" is not out of my mind, he can help me, to Hire Speackers for the Story mode and other, but this is not my Master Plan.

So i am sorry, that i have no screens for you.

Here is a little bit to read.

i know: Development is longly.
But Development is also needet, do give You a good game.

Today no picture, but important informations.
Hello dear community. Yes I know: it seems that it has become quiet around Seahunter. I have wished you all a happy new year, and I have also published a mail to my alpha testers which starts on 2.02.
I know: you wish you all screenshots, or some "Hollywodreifen" torpedo hits. Unfortunately I can't help you with that at the moment. This silence is - deceptive. For example, voices have been raised again and again that said: "I don't pay your taxes". Voices that never realized that I only avoid taxes in Germany, so that money that you pay in, if necessary, really flows into the project. I have already written that this problem is now solved.
now I'm afraid to show too much, to give too much away, and maybe spoil your joy on the story if I publish too much.
A lot has happened.
All ships + boats, for example, have been reworked to allow more performance even on smaller computers. My AI has been learning new strategic options for some time now (i.e. you don't encounter stupid "enemies" that only follow paths, but enemies that have already played through this situation with you - long before your boat is on the spot, in your game).
A star navigation system was also created on the open ocean, which now allows repair ships and destroyers to resume their actual path to the convoy if you attack only one ship, and they follow you (previously they only followed the next point of the patrol path, and ran back to their last position, and then were far behind the convoy).
The new navigation system, is real time calculated, and provides a complete "Navmesh" under an open ocean. ( yes I know, many of you go with a boat "only on enemy navigation" and don't understand anything about it. I know that.
please look at me when I go into these details.
Please don't be surprised that there are no videos or screenshots available at the moment.
Program developments don't bring much in screenshots. And also navigation screenshots, understand only those who program themselves.
A lot has happened.
there is now for the boats, a completely new "material system", which I will show and explain later.
Seahunter, is now on a way I never wanted for Seahunter: the way to become an adult. You have reminded me with your wishes:
that "trash" that others build should not be Seahunter's goal.
Yes I could show you screenshots. But the problem is this:
As long as I'm not satisfied myself, I don't want to compromise your trust by showing you "things" that are not yet perfect in my eyes.
I am in the middle of the final developments. Even though a Seahunter will still remain a "Strategic Acarde Submarine" game, with simple controls, but countless strategic possibilities, I ask you to be patient.
My project has now evolved into a half naval simulator. I would like to remind you: No, I have not given up. Yes, I still spend about 16 hours every day developing the game.
and yes: I will keep my promise.
You will get - something great.
But you get something bug-free.
I will not allow myself the mistakes of my predecessors. Even if I am only " 1 man" and could use the support of Kickstarter for the project, I never asked for a cent, never asked for understanding.
Seahunter, is now after 3 months on a platform that the community has always wanted. Of course (I am only a 1 man machine) I can't pay attention to *every detail*, but almost everything you wish for has been taken into account.
We have a complete, also mission related mine laying system.
We have 2 types of mines: anchor mines, and floating mines.
We have 2 types of submarines that you can launch: The Type VII D, and the Type XB.
A complete loading system has been developed.
and a material system that allows you not only to "paint" the submarine (of your choice) but also to "go out" with a freshly painted boat and return with a rusty one.
Inside the bunkers, a 1st person controller has been developed, which allows you: to coordinate the ingame story system (no real money) with people who, depending on the priority of your career, allow you to make purchases and opportunities.
We look at the development of the tonnage flags, whoever is good will go home with great honor.
all this has cost me many days of my life.
i know: you would rather have screenshots, but i'm afraid: i'm spoiling your anticipation.
i have now shown you often enough what to expect.
... I think: I may take a little more time.
You will certainly not regret this. I promise you that.
Andy, Smoking Head Studio.
Smoking Head Software.

German Developer Studio.
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