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bullhorn What is the Soul of Seahunter A Game Overview

A quick overview of Seahunter, what is it, what is your expectation, what is the core of the game.

i know, it is a little "Wall of Text", but i hope you interested in, what
Seahunter is.

I would like to add something before questions arise:
Seahunter is not a new project but has been in solid development for over a year. So a lot is already done, and my goal for Steam at the end of the year is very realistic. I myself am a registered software company + brand, and even a little older vintage.

Seahunter is what I call a strategy Acarde simulation game.

Clearly in the foreground are:
- simple, clear control, you do not need to learn your half Keyboard
on Shotcurts, the Steering is programmed well @ Hand, and you can use
for a lot of Things the FKeys. There Funktionality will everytime change,
to the Situation you need to steer. Easy to go, and very well to play.

- Action,

- fun and strategy.

What you do not find are:

- eternal enemy rides without tasks,

- a complicated, difficult-to-understand system,

- impossible target solutions,
or challenges that can only be managed with admiral training.

( and Bug's i hope )

Seahunter follows 2 possible game modes:

1. - an open ocean where you can look for convoys or individual riders. There you can:

- glory and honor, i. Medals and awards,

- war material,

- secret military material (that's a matter of luck)

- and ammunition capture.

There is a "loot" system for this. However, you have to think carefully, because the loot is to collect with the dinghy (I'll show you when the opportunity is).

2. A story mode, in solo player.

The story mode of Seahunter is based on success and failure. For fulfilling missions, you will receive rewards, for example. Ingame coins, which you can then invest in the "in-game store", in better equipment, weapons, technology and the expansion of your boat. Two boats are played in the main game, and as DLC is planned to release the type XXI, which is already very advanced in construction. Kickstarter supporters will get it for release at a certain level.

The story Seahunter tells is a story of the past. However, Seahunter does not aim for actual historical events in the outcome of the story. Rather, Seahunter promotes fascinating missions coupled with historical events.

For example, await you missions like:

- Protect the Bismarck,

- fighting alongside the Yamato,

- sink the enterprice,

- attack Scapa Flow (this mission belongs to a submarine game),

- sink the Surcouf

- disturb the British convoy traffic,

but there are also missions that reach into conspiracy theories. e.g.

Bring your top secret military property to New Swabia.

With I400 you enter the Japanese part of the story. Of course, I will not reveal all the missions here,

that's clear, but that's enough: One of the missions of the I400 is the attack on an oil refinery on the west coast of the US, Oregon.

Other missions with the I400, focus on this area. The success or failure of a mission does not lead to game over failure, but the game continues. However, if you have failures or can not quite complete missions, the next ones will get trickier. Do you manage it, for example? Not to sink the Enterprice, it makes your life more difficult later.

Is this a pure Acarde title? How does the game system work?

Although Seahunter makes the controls easier and takes you straight to the missions (not on the open ocean, that's clear), you should not underestimate it. To simplify things, Seahunter has developed a special torpedo target system. So you will have to aim well with the periscope just as in any simulation. (Not like me in my development trailer, there the system is off, and I cheat ). This system is easier to understand, but you should have some practice and experience to be successful, so do not make it too easy for you. The same is true with all other things. - Ammunition is limited - torpedoes should be used deliberately, - The same applies to mines, - and on the I400, the consideration should always be taken: I fly, I control the submarine, or I take control of both. (If you just fly, the submarine automatically dives down for self-protection until you land, if you control both, you have to pay attention to the submarine, the NPC will take over the plane as soon as you leave it, you can do it twice Control (you have to think about that before) but switch back and forth at any time.

Those who are simply stupid, as in an acadic title, "get started" will not live long.

Your biggest weapon, is your brain. Your opponents are overly cautious and clever.

Destroyer e.g. not only hunt you, but also seek help. Nevertheless, it is fair. Every ship and every opponent will only find you as it corresponds to reality. Ships have e.g. about radar and Asdic, as well as a lookout. Only when they notice you, they attack you. But beware: if you have someone who persecutes you, he is very persistent. Even if he loses contact, he will search the area for some time, or get help. But Seahunter is always correct, so for Example: If you have a Destroyer "hunts" you, he got only that Amount of Waterbombs, that the Real on have.
If he fire all Bombs @ you, and no Ammunition is left, he runs back to the Convoi. So the Enemys got the same Rules like you, here is nothing cheatet, and all happens in Realtime.

It is therefore important to always think twice about:

- has enough torpedoes or mines,

- what to bring before a level of ammo,

- when to attack and how, (ships hit, for example, immediately inform the nearest destroyer, and with one hit with the deck gun, they do not go under).

- and how much battery energy you have left.

As strategic options are available to you:

- Your depth,

- crawl, ( i think Google Translator build a Mess here Diving i mean ).

- the snorkel (only after purchase in the in-game store, you have to earn it)

- Mines (Type VII only)

- Sei Ran (only I400)

- Flak - cover gun,

- Machine gun (only useful in a few missions, against ships it is useless). Thoughtful use and clever implementation of your possibilities lead to the goal. Unwise actions are bitterly punished, and quickly lead to death.

Which fatures does Seahunter offer / will it have?

Depending on the success or failure is determined whether the game is developed further. In any case, it will be completed. About the scope in the end, Kickstarter decides. Should there still money come together, the missions are extended (because I can then buy models, which I have now designed everything by hand myself. Without that I can not keep my appointment) The scope has an approximate playing time of 30 hours, it is calculated, but only if you can do any mission right away, and no one will succeed immediately.

Otherwise, Seahunter offers a modular, continuously expandable system. Thus, every turn is possible, which fits later in the plan. So I can constantly expand and expand Seahunter later on, whether it's the Japanese Campaign, the German, or a new one. Also let Seahunter get into the "modern times", and create a current Kampanie, since all programming is based on a modular, expandable system that gives me almost every freedom.

Included with the release are:

- A solo campaign Japan, Germany.

- an open ocean to farm,

- a lot of ships and destroyers, Weapon systems of various kinds, i. :

- Different torpedoes (Japanese and German)

- Flak cannons

- deck guns. (both only for Type VII, the I400 has fixed equipment in this area, if there are still flexible anti-aircraft cannons is not safe).

- Mines

- 2 types of bombs, an air torpedo.

- NPCs who go hunting with you (Japan / Fliegerstaffel up to 5x Sei Ran, Germany other boats).

- flexible missions

- a Ingame Store to power Up your Boats, contains Things like (Typ VII) other Towers, Guns e.g. (all 2 Classes) Weapons, Snorkel,

some Gymmiks.
for the german boats a lot of Boat Emblems.
- a 100% random comprehensive weather system, with almost all weather conditions you can imagine (except Sandstorm, which did not fit )

and certainly, exciting entertainment.

So, I hope the wall of text was not too long. I could have posted pictures in between, but that does not make the text shorter. Important: Anyone who has suggestions or ideas that he would like to see in the game, or something similar, is welcome to ask. as long as it's feasible, let's talk about it. Therefore: you can co-determine the development, THEREFORE I am posting here, and THEREFORE I present it to you.

I wish you a lot of fun, and I appreciate your comments.

Andy, Smoking Head Studio.
Smoking Head Software.

German Developer Studio.

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Aye! Good luck. Out of curiosity, what will be your Kickstarter goal?
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Not to much.

i think about to reach ~ 1000 € / 2000 €.

if comes more, is really good.

it is mostly interesting to buy new Staff.
The Basic Staff is all here, a lot final, something to do (clear if i want release 2019 )

scripting and Programming, KI and other "problems" are 90% final.
so: most part coming to me is modelbuilding.

sure is: Seahunter goes it s Way, in every case.
but with Kickstarter, at the End will be more Content.

It s a Choice of the Players and Supporters
the "master Part" is already done, and payed

but it will be very nice, to have some Support for the Rest of Way.
the Most Stat of the Content i have made, is now to "polish" all what is made.
( like, Texturing Work or other of this Things, Some "UI" Buttons need to be designet - stuff like this )

Smoking Head Software.

German Developer Studio.
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Admirable Mike
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Icon14 It has been a great year for submariners

Another sub project on the go. This is better than Christmas!!

Best Wishes for your project.
Sub Nut
Master of the unspoken comment.
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very Thank you
i do my very best

Smoking Head Software.

German Developer Studio.
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Smoking Head Software.

German Developer Studio.
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