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Default CLAD in IRON: Philippines 1898 Spitballing and Suggestions

I just purchased the game and I'm really excited about it. This is one of the most under represented campaigns in gaming and I'm thrilled to see that its finally been covered.

I used to do a lot of modding with Destroyer Command / Silent Hunter 1 and I was wondering if this game was open to modification?

Some thoughts I had...

Start the game in Feb/March 1898, just after the destruction of the USS Maine - ie. the war's start.

Instead of 'building' ships, currency would be in the form of 'REPUTE'.

Repute would be gained by "showing the flag"

The American Asiatic Fleet would start under Dewey's command but have his initial force strength - he would then have to build up his force just like Dewey had to do historically. This would also allow the American player to make different choices than the historical order of battle.

If possible have 5 players - American, Spanish, German, Japanese and Filipinos (possibly make the German and Japanese unlockable).

The port of Manila should be represented. The actual Spanish naval base and the location of the battle of Manila Bay was Cavite Naval Base.

Include the historic Battle of Manila Bay as a playable battle option.
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Thank you for your attention to our humble hobby. Thanks for your ideas. We know about the unfinished and empty Spanish base in Cavite.

As for everything else ... We are just a handful of ordinary guys, in our free time we do not interesting to anyone games . Therefore, our capabilities are very limited. But we have some plans to improve this scenario.
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