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Default the inside View to the Development Thread

In this Thread, sometimes (from Time to Time) i want to show you special Things, and how they work.

That can be Things of all Forms and Type.

Today i start, with the Torpedo 95, Japan. You can have it (in later Levels) in the I400. Who have seen my Development Trailer: that are the babys i use there.

So what can we say about this Torpedo?
Firstly, it is one of the strongest (if not the strongest ever) Torpedo in WW II. With a Range of 12 000 Meters, and a Speed up to 49 Knots, he was a very powerful Weapon.
In Seahunter ( i show this an other day ) you need to make the Discision, what Speed he should have. So a hint: the maximum Speed, is not everytime the best Choice.
you will learn this

( Data from Wikipedia and Books ).
There some sucsessfully Attacks with this Weapon.

The Problem he have was: he was not perfect in the holding of it's Course.
Seahunter takes this, and set it truth in the Game.

So: a Torpedo 95 is not exactest Torpedo ingame, but the mightyst.
You can fire him only from the I400 Class (this Time, i dont know
if later - after Release in Early Access Phase, other Japan subs will join, because i think about an I 201.).

He have a Dynamit Power of 405 Kg high explosive.
We do honor that, because: This Torpedo ingame, have exact the
same Data + Power like it s Original.

Like the "real" Pendant, you can have 2 Versiones, the Default (this here) or the Power (Model 2). The Power Version is 550 Kg High Explosive, but is not
so fast, and comes not so far like the first one.

Later i explain You the Damage System, this is very interesting,
because it is a mathematical Calkulation between Armor and Lifepoints,

depents on the Ship you attack.

So, what was his "Engine" ?
There Wikipedia writes: Air + Damphgas.
That we use called "Oxygen" in the Game.

That means: if you fire the Typ 95 Torpedo, he not "stupid" runs out of you r Torpedo Tube, no.

First, he start with a Speed of 3 Knots, out of your Tube.
After this, he beguns to Run. In the Run to the Goal, he speed ab so fast he can.
and over his Run he consumes the Oxygen he have.

( So for example: you can not fire a Torpedo at a Range that is impossible, because the Battery, the Gas or the Oxygen will
not be enugh for the Weapon to reach the Goal ...) That i want to tell, because it s Acarde, but also Simulation to.

This Torpedo is clever, he knows:

His Koordinates ( That you give him )
and how much "Fuel" he have left.

if he reach his koordinates, and hit nothing, he just run stupid forward,
up to the Point he have no Oxygen left.
in a lot of Games there Weapons are fired, there is only the Command:
"if this happens, destroy this Game Object" - not in Seahunter.

Every Projectile, so also this Torpedo, have it s own Routine.

After he have only 30% Oxygen left, he start to run slower, but

if the Oxygen Fuil is 0 , than he runs out, and start the Sinking down to the Ground. (For example: if such a Torpedo sinks to the Ground, and will hit a Submarine, he also do damage).

Only if he hits the Ground and is so deep you cant dive, he will be destroyed.

if he only hits the Ground, all Scripts will be "set off" and he will stay @ the Ground there he have fallen on.

That is one Princip, like everything in Seahunter works.

For example:
You sink a Ship, and the Ground is ~ 300 Feet.
Than you will see the Ship on the Ground.

if the Ground is ~ 1500 Feet, the Ship will be destroyed, because you cant dive deep enugh in the Game.

Weapons so follow all her true, real Pendant.
I hope, you like the Idea.

in the Development Video you also can see, there is a small Camera pop on, and show the Torpedo. She have her own "Routine", and follows only this Projectile. In Game, you can do the Screen bigger if you like.
This Camera, have her own Following Programming, and will also show later (like the Air Torpedo Beta i fire) the Explosion on the Ship you hurt.

if the Torpedo "sinks" the Camera go offline.
Smoking Head Software.

German Developer Studio.
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Old 07-07-2019, 12:35 PM   #2
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Here is a short overview of the mine laying system. First of all, there are 2 main types of mines: Drift mines and anchor mines. Here the big Drift mine could be seen. It can only be placed if you own the minelayer of the boat. You can lay this mine at a depth of 30 - 70 meters.

A second type mine is the smaller 533 mm mine that is ejected from the torpedo shaft. This fires like a torpedo, but it is much smaller, and does much less damage.

Further explanations of how this works are available in the Toturials. We'll stay with this mine: This mine is an "intermediate" between the Minecraft Boats (World War 1) and Seahunter Type VII C (World War II) and thus a game decision. Game decisions can be freely chosen (that is, nobody has to use them, you are welcome to use "only" the small ones). The advantage of this mine is that it has an explosive force of 500 kg. So it is a serious opponent. After releasing a mine, it will take some time (see picture) until the mine becomes sharp.

However, mines make no difference between friend and foe, and since this is not anchored here with a rope, it drives. She is a very good weapon against convoys, but no guarantee. Depending on how many torpedoes you take, you can invite 10 pieces of these (big) mines (but only 4 torpedoes). The use of mines in Seahunter should have been planned and considered carefully for a long time. I'll show you the strategy later when the gameplay videos start (that's a time factor since I'd like to comment on them). please be patient until then.

Mines, cleverly used, can be a fantastic defense for destroyers. However, the mine itself drives very slowly to the surface, so it is not a good "defense weapon", but intended for the explicit strategic use. There are 3 direct mine-missions in Seahunter.

And remember: once the mine is sharp, it makes no difference between friend and enemy anymore.
Smoking Head Software.

German Developer Studio.
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Old 07-08-2019, 06:46 PM   #3
Join Date: Jun 2019
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Okay, today i did a

if it s possible, to do mining with the Typ VII, i want to do it 2 Ways.
So i build the X B Class today. it's not 100% final until now, but this is
the Work of 1 day, for that i am really happy with it.

There not so much details missing,in can do tomorrow.
So i change the Boat for the mining Missions, and also have a Idea, to bring 2 new Missions in, that are really unique.

the Typ X B was absolutly a "Winner" in section of the Submarines.
only 8 Boats was build, but there Sinking Rate, and BRT Rate, is massivly important, and "wow".

Just: It was Miners, and also what we call "Milk Cow", but
they sink + damaged a Lot of enemy Ships.

Have Fun, i am happy to hear from you.
Smoking Head Software.

German Developer Studio.
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