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Noone is saying you cannot personally be disappointed with Wolfpack, but it is ridiculous to be disappointed because it is not a game that it is not supposed to be. Wolfpack is NOT silent hunter 6. It's not SUPPOSED to be Silent Hunter 6. Asking why it doesn't have single player or a dynamic campaign is like asking why Silent Hunter doesn't have a Grand Strategy mode.

Lanz, I understand what you are saying about a more detailed Wolfpack style control in single player with AI to take over (which I believe is or was a goal of Wolfpack!), but I am personally skeptical it would work as well as you think. I mean, I guess my point is, when transiting for 34 hours on the surface, detailed ballast controls aren't going to factor much. It's only during combat engagements that this level of detail would become practical, and Wolfpack basically just cuts out the continuity of a campaign and puts you only far enough out of engagement that it is interesting.

Lanz, if you re-read all of dudes posts, he has only ever asked for things that are already available with the various mega mods for all the silent hunters, and he repeatedly devalued and put down the new aspects of Wolfpack ("oh you just walk around? I'm happy to just press P!") And then compared it to MMO's and Fortnite (yes seriously), lamented "casual" games like Wolfpack being made and then just complained that it was made at all instead of whatever he has in his head (which I think is just complaints).

It is OK to criticize Wolfpack. It is NOT my favorite game. I didn't follow it's development closely (or at all). I didn't even realize I "wanted" it until it was days from being released. And I'm not really sure I necessarily like it "better" than say, SH5 with TWOS... it may not replace that, but it is different, and provides an alternative experience that is unique and satisfying in a way no game has before provided. The fact that this guy basically believes everyone in the world felt the same way and wanted this game so bad that we specifically and maliciously created it to spite him, at the same time pulling resources away from development of Silent Hunter 6... is... delusional and ridiculous.

We get it, dude wants SH6. But let's see how this sounds: I'll go to the Call of Duty forums and be like "Is this game Silent Hunter 6?" And when they say, no, I'll throw a tantrum and say "I hope you all are happy, YOU GOT THE GAME YOU WANTED! We've had a million First person shooters, if I wanted that I'd play DOOM! And meanwhile these developers flipped me the bird and did not develop Silent Hunter 6!"

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