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Default Tips for using the Kiel Canal

This post will help people new to the game on how to use the Kiel Canal.

About Kiel Canal:

Background: In Silent Hunter III, subs that are stationed at Kiel, can use the Kiel Canal to get to and from the North Sea much faster.

This is important for operations from Kiel before U-Boat bases started showing up in France.

When using the Kiel Canal, from the time that you leave dock in Kiel, to the time you arrive at the North Sea takes around 9.5 hours depending on conditions. This, compared to the days it takes going around Denmark to get to the North Sea.

This post will deal with Silent Hunter III, GWX and Silent Hunter 3 Commander.

Optional: St Naz and Schluese locks package in the downloads section: GWX_3_St_Naz_and_Schluese.7z . Thanks to Sailor Steve for helping me find this.

This provides the Kiel locks and something I have not checked out yet, improvements of the U-Boat base at St Nazaire, France (ref: ).

The Kiel locks improvement is nice and well done. There are other mods out their that have moving locks. But this is nice.

Important for use of the Kiel Canal. It is helpful to have Silent Hunter 3 Commander. In the settings, the time compression is set to go to 4 when you are near land. You must change this to something much higher, unless you want to spend many hours of real time going through the canal.

I have mine set as follows.

Note too: when traveling via the Kiel Canal, you should slow down to real time for a bit when:
1. Your watch officer notifies you of a ship. Confirm you will clear it.
2. Bridges: to make sure you are lined up to go underneath the center.
3. Locks at both ends. To make sure you don't run into anything.

Also use your best judgement on weather and time of day. Example, in bad weather, at night, best to wait at the start of your journey though the canal. Consider traveling it during the daytime.

Various images:


"Auf gefechtsstationen!"

SHIII via Steam, NYGM

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