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Default Nvidia series 10 gpu update

Installed the new Nvidia GPU Update for my 6gig 1060 416.34 - WHQL
and Nvidia Experience
Caused this problem with SH3 Multiplayer game when I try and host a mission I get this error message
server set for too many players Maximum Players 8
even when there's just me
and when I move my mouse it paints loads of mouse pointers all over the Ubi Lan Lobby room
did a virus scan nothing picked up
when I play a single/player mission no problems
even when I delete all the Nvidia installed components/Programs it still does the same on all SH3 Installs on my Rig even when I uninstall all my SH3 installs and reinstall them it still does the same only way I sorted it was to reinstall windows 10 then reinstall all my SH3 installs but had backups on external Hardrive so didn't take too long

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