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Old 06-14-2020, 09:56 AM   #1
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Default SH5 how to complete first campaign mission?

Hey Guys,
I played Sh5 for some time now but I just dont manage to sink both polish destroyers on the first Campaign mission. I report them and one was sank from an airplane but the other one came away, I try to follow etc. but ist extremely hard because I cant really overhaul because of ist Speed. Do I really have to sink them, because The objective says intercept/report the polish Taskforce, which I did. Do I Need to wait till the date given at the objective, because it says 4/9 and im at 1/9 (day/month).
Please help me

Greetings Spuky05
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Old 06-14-2020, 05:19 PM   #2
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Default first mission Danzig bay

Hello and good evening spuky,

if you can't sink the destroyer's there is the option to sink 2 other vessel's to complete the mission. It doesn't matter, what kind of ship's, even neutral, if they are moving in the circle of Danzig-Bay. If you can't sink any vessel, you can even move to Kiel Harbour. In this way observe, that your loose 1 crew point. Also observe not arrive before 4th sept in Kiel. If yes, you cannot complete your mission.
I admit, this part of the game is a well test for pacience. If you are ambitioness and without pacience ( like me ), then mayby it's better to start a new try.

Greeting's from Uli
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Old 06-15-2020, 01:23 AM   #3
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Ok thank you 😊
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Old 06-18-2020, 06:18 PM   #4
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I carefully went around them and went to the task force point on the map and waited. Nothing was there.

The destroyers were the task force? I thought they were patrolling the harbor to keep submarines away. Turns out subs are supposed to attack lone destroyer patrols. Who knew. Also, putzing along at 5kts in a straight line while being divebomed?
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