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Default RE: Destroying a sub (for real) with depth charges and aircraft strikes.

OK. I've seen this question so many times on Steam I thought I may as well just write up this tutorial.

okay. here we go.

Captains, when using an aircraft as a platform to drop depth charges off of, make sure that the aircraft is travelling along the line of the sub.
e.g. if submarine is going this way -->
then make sure that aircraft arrow points the same way.

when going on the run, most times it is easiest to press dive, wait for about two seconds, then press the 'depth charge' button. there are different angles you should be bombing at as well. the RAF and USAF liberators should be treated like rocket bombers: that is, using a shallow dive angle, and therefore diving when the cockpit is above the submarine. the angle that you use to look at it should be about +15 degrees. for the Sunderland, you should press 'dive' once the two forward gun barrels are over the target, and depth charge two seconds after.

Rockets are slightly harder, but effective nonetheless. You should either attack with the wind behind you or in front of you. any other direction will cause your rockets to sway off their course, and since they do not explode in the water, the missed rockets will be a waste of ammunition and airstrikes, and will have no effect.

when using land-based rocket strikes, you should dive on the same angle as suggested before (+15 degrees) but getting the rockets on target is a little trickier. sometimes, you will miss. well, most of the time, actually. the problem is getting the exact timing. you see, on a rocket run, a liberator dives at a suprisingly sharp angle. you will need to fire slightly before the bomber is aiming directly at the target.

Carrier launched rocket strikes are slightly harder. the swordfish, the aircraft used on british escorts (for the whole game) and fleets until about 1943 (when it is replaced by the barracuda, which does not do rocket attacks) but not on the american escort carriers (I assume you aren't using escort carriers) have a shallow diving angle, and the exact moment you dive can be judged by where the tail is. once the tail is over the target, (from the view that the aircraft starts in) you should dive, wait two seconds, and fire. of the rockets are on target, they can do a lot of damage. aim for the center (where the white foam is)

What you shouldn't be doing is using BOMBS.

this is unlikely, but may happen due to chance or just because you did it in the single battle menu or there is a campaign mission with surface ships and submarines.

in that case, you should bring a destroyer. if there is a submarine you should always have a destroyer just in case.

if you do use bombs, then try to do it at the last moment. like depth charge runs, press the 'bomb' button when the front antenna (liberators) thingamabob or the two front guns (sunderland) are over the target. this will most likely (judging by the cowardly AI used by submarines (quite logical actually)) force it to dive. then, use depth charges on a destroyer to deliver the final blow. alternatively, stay parallel to the submarine until you get within 1500yds (as displayed by the numbers on the display when you select your target) and use torpedoes.

bombs lengthwise, torpedoes broadside!

Depth-charges on a destroyer

one of the biggest mistakes that new players make is using depth charges when they are straight over (or only slightly in front of) the green dot.


the second mistake is relying on gunnery. most submarines dive after being hit once, and gunfire isn't even that accurate at long ranges. the first thing to do when you are in a DD vs SS fight should be getting close to the submarine, and getting parallel to it. Noobs tend to forget that submarines have stings up their tail ends. try to get parallel with it. submarines can only hit things in ninety-degree arcs in front of then and behind them, so if you stay at the sides of the sub, you will be safe. once you are within 1500 yards, BUT OUTSIDE 1000 yards fire a torpedo. one shot.
one kill. you can fire slightly ahead of the submarine from about 1800 yards and get a hit, but you would have to wait a turn, and sometimes the submarine manages to just avoid the torpedo, which is why i personally prefer close-range fights.

SS v.s. SS

submarine duels tend to be fairly long in duration, with the combat being short-lived. it is a waiting game, and a game of marksmanship and prediction. If you are new to the game, I advise not to partake in SS v.s. SS combat, since it is hard, and you will have to be patient. as in 'waiting seventeen turns at depth shallow for the enemy sub to use all of its torpedoes' and 'reversing at the speeds of 4knots to get outside 1000yards' type patient. but once tere is an oppurtunity, if taken correctly, it will end in victory.
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