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Default 5+ 10+ torpedoes simultaneous impact

Hello! Me and my mate CanopyPilot from Russian Wolfpack community are working on methods to attack the convoy with 5 torpedoes making them impact roughly at a same time (10-20 seconds interval between the first and the last one is ok, but sometimes it is even better). Here are some recent examples of it in action:

In the first video one of ships crossed the torpedo travel line so it was not intended hit, but timing on remaining torpedoes are pretty much what we want to see. In second video we hit all 5 for intended targets, but timings are slightly worse.

So we were able to do that with one boat, but the crazy idea we are sick with is to make it with two or even more boats. 10+ torpedo boom at the same moment To be able to achieve that, first we measured and calculated everything by hand using in-game map, but later, when we realized it takes to much time we made a google doc excel table with all trigonometry stuff calculated automatically. Here is screenshot of it

I know all this is unrealistic, might break immersion and so on and so on. But for me everything else the game provides at a current state is just boring and easy. And what we do is a hard challenge (since we failed on a way a lot). The current most annoying problem is the absence of players to help us to accomplish our tasks. We need at minimum 2-3 people on every boat (one for periscope, one for tdc and one optional guy to keep depth) and we dont have even that sadly. So here is the deal: if anyone is interested in this idea of two or even more boat attacking with simultaneous impacts let me know here or contact me via Discord (nickname: oldhasu) Then I will translate our google sheet and explain our methods on english in a form of a text guide or youtube video most likely (to be fair quite an effort for me since I'm not a native speaker). But please note that we are not looking for a crewman, we are looking for people who will be able to understand how all this works and run their own boat. I think then we can manage to communicate on english when is the arranged time of torpedoes impact and determine ships each boat attacks. Also note that average game sessions lasts 2 or 3 hours at minimum.

Thank you!

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Onkel Neal
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Very cool, what precision!

I can imagine what the convoy's crew would have been thinking...


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wow when three blew up at the same time. that was awesome!
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Default welcome aboard!

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