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Get ready for a whole new level of realism!
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radar SEA POWER - Naval Combat in the Missile Age

After hostilities have broken out in Central Europe, the race is on as a pressured US Navy escort force battle off Soviet bomber and submarine attacks on a perilous quest to reinforce NATO defenders in Europe. Meanwhile in the Persian Gulf, the conflict between Iran and Iraq risks escalating into a larger confrontation between superpowers as both sides indiscriminately attack neutral merchant shipping. And in the Norwegian Sea, an outnumbered Soviet surface force challenges the might of a massive US Navy amphibious force bound for occupied Norway...

Brought to you by some of the creative minds behind Cold Waters, Sea Power lets you control NATO and Warsaw Pact forces in a modern naval conflict. Whether it's gunning it out with Boghammars in a surface duel, fighting off aerial attackers armed with long-range missiles, or hunting for enemy submarines with aircraft and surface ships, advanced weaponry and sensors are at your disposal. Can you successfully hide your forces while detecting and tracking theirs? It is up to you to play an advanced game of cat and mouse on the high seas, to seize the initiative and attack with the advantage of surprise on your side. And at all times, you have to observe rules of engagement and take care not to cause an unnecessary incident that could lead to escalation. After all, you cannot really be sure just who that radar contact at 30.000 feet is, can you?
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Wow this is great! I look forward to more information. Very excited about this project!
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Rufus Shinra
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"Naval combat in the missile age." => You have my curiosity.

"By the people behind Cold Waters." => You have my attention.

Sounds like a lot of fun in perspective!
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Old 01-10-20, 09:55 AM   #4
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Interesting Srs. How many different ship classes we can expect ? Will be present ALL of the 80s era ?
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And......what about ports, will be major Naval Bases like Norfolk, Portsmouth,Groton represented in detail ? A nice feature would be capability to ressuply the vessels at port and prepare them for deployment, so aswell fully underway replenishment possibility via AORs.
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Old 01-30-20, 04:18 PM   #6
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Here are some new units from the game, hope you enjoy them:

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