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Old 10-20-2019, 04:29 AM   #1
Ulrich Kröpke
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Default Bug report 0.20 update

Added launch button and time to impact.

Time to impact is wrong.
1.400 m = 1:31
1.450 m = 2:33
1.800 m = 2:57
1.850 m = 2:01
2.350 m = 2:32
2.400 m = 3:35
2.750 m = 3:56
2.800 m = 3:04 and so on.

And please make the curser at the recognition manuel a bit darker. By now it is very hard to see the curser and that takes a lot of time till you find the right ship.
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Old 10-20-2019, 05:39 AM   #2
Silent Hunter
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Why are those wrong?

Divide distance to target by 1 nm in meters: /1852
Divide by speed of torpedo (30 kts): /30
Multiply by 3600 seconds per hour: *3600
Get the travel time of the torpedo in seconds
Add launch delay of 2.4 seconds (iirc they mentioned it in a changelog.)

The short and long distance times match up correctly.

Edit: oops, didn't calculate them all. There is a roll-over error for 1450m to 1800m, and 2400 to 2750
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