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Nuke BUG REPORT: Major escort AI expolit

How found: Play testing over multiple distinct runs

Game version: 0.18 (also present in 0.17, accidentally experienced just before the update hit)

Setup: Hard, September 1941, North Sea, evening (dark). This does NOT seem to matter as long as there is more than one escort present.

Repro rate: Close to 100%

Steps to reproduce:

Approach the convoy and get visually spotted. As a precondition to further steps, more than one escort needs to start converging on your location (which is fairly common on Hard). Dive to periscope depth and fire a (typically, zero-gyro zero-speed manual) torpedo shot at one of the pursuing escort, thereby sinking them while the other pursuing escort(s) are in visual range.


While many different, likely unintended effects ensue, the most significant one is that none of the escort AI from this point on is capable of firing their main guns. They retain the capability to fire flares, but the escort AI will not fire their guns on the U-boat even up-close, or at any range for that matter. Nor will they attempt any other form of attack.

Other effects include:

- Any escorts that initiated direct pursuit after the U-boat was first spotted get stuck in a "perpetual pursuit" mode, but can no longer see the U-boat even on the surface next to them. They typically run off in a random direction, at full steam, while continuing to ping. Any such surviving escorts, if not destroyed, will keep the convoy on perpetual alert (the latter claim needs more confirmation).

- After a few minutes, some merchants start colliding and/or "popping wheelies":

- Any sunk escorts seemingly continue to fire flares from underwater

Known mitigation: As soon a new player joins the game, the AI appears to reset back to normal.

Demo endgame screenshot:

Note the number of escorts (and merchants) killed, for only one torpedo fired as described above.

Special thanks: Telin, who managed to accidentally trigger this bug twice.
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Onkel Neal
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Nicely detailed bug report, thanks! It will be checked out.
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Friendly bump - this is still a thing as of version 0.20. If the devs need a live demo to debug this, I will gladly provide (hit me up, my time zone is PST).

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bug , exploit

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