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Default Duration of asdic searches?

1. If we allow that the time a destroyer can take to prosecute asdic searches and attacks is dependant on not wishing to leave the convoy weakly or unprotected, then it follows that the faster the ship prosecuting the attack, the longer it likely to remain hunting for the attacking U-boat.

2. So, if we can further estimate that the more, numerically, escort ships are present, the less anxious a captain of a destroyer would be in leaving the convoy to continue attacks on a detected U-boat, and the longer he'd spend trying to reacquire it if he's lost contact on asdic.

At which point, the difference in speed between maximum convoy speed, and maximum speed of the warship gives us:

x (time) x (y # of warships remaining in convoy)/z (# of warships continuing attacks on detected u-boats) as a mathematical approximation of how long a warship might continue to hunt for a U-boat once detected.

Following the formula above, a lightly escorted early war convoy of corvettes, will not prosecute asdic searches for nearly as long as one with 3 or 4 much faster destroyers...

It'd certainly make life more interesting in the mid to late war encounters, if a similar formula was used to determine how persistant enemy warships were in searching and depth-charging. As you can probably surmise, I think that currently the duration of searches by escorts is woefully inadequate.

On an unrelated note, and this may have been asked for before, but please can we have the default option of anglicized graphics on depth-gauges and the telegraph etc changeable by experienced players to the correct German language graphics, as it's a real immersion killer, if you'll pardon the phrase.
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