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Default Adding TLAM to the Flight I 688s?

Hi guys,

I noticed in the USS Omaha (Flight I 688) "Welcome Aboard" pamphlet ( that the boat would be equipped with TLAM "when operational"

Couple of questions - is it possible to add the TLAM as one of the Flight 1 LA boats available weapons? Being only able to launch 4 at a time would make for some interesting (and challenging) missions...

Other question is - for the History buffs - did the Flight Is ever carry (or fire) TLAMs? I read on Wiki that the release of the TLAM corresponds closely with the launch of the Flight II boats - so my guess is not - but it'd be cool to find out from the experts.


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well you can't add a weapon, because number of weapon slots is limited, but it is possible to exchange a weapon with simple hex editing. I actually exchanged the UUV in the akula with mobile decoys, so like in real life my akula carries the mobile decoys in her external tubes. There is one Problem though, I still have to find out how to exchange the weapon settings screen. for exampe if you exchange harpoon with TLAM, the weapon screen would be the one from the harpoon not the TLAM, so you can't add waypoints. It is possible to do it, the RA mod team have done this, It is very possible that only wpnloadout.dll is involved, but I don't know how to do it.

to exchange a weapon you need DWedit and a Hexeditor.
I use HxD since you can enter integer numbers with it and it is freeware.
First you need the entinity numbers of the wpn you want to replace and the one you want. for example I want to exchange exhange uset-80 () withe ugst. open wpnloadout.dll with hxd, go to replace, set to integer number, search for 1631 (uset )replace with 1396 (ugst). normaly occurence about 10 if more than twenty you may risk to **** up your dll, may try and error to find out wich offset essential for wpnloadout. after Hexediting go to DWEdit, go to Launcher Dialog, find Launcher of your sub, and change something of the loadout. then start DW choose a mission and go to wpnloadout screen, you will you have new weapn.

If you want to use HxD you can get it Here:
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I have recently discovered that it is possible to replace mobile mines with cruise missiles in the wpnloadout file by using a hex editor to replace the entity index number of the former with the later (ie replacing all 34 instances of the integer 1586 with 1545 in the alfa's wpnloadout.dll file replaces the SMDM with the SS-N-21 LAM. You also have to add the 1545.bmp file to the wpnloadoutKilo.grp or it will crash in the weapon selection menu). With this method you can only set the target waypoint (the fire control f6 menu doesnt seem to recognize that the weapon has changed and just brings up the programming interface for the original weapon and this is why you need to replace a mine or another cruise missile) and it appears to lack the launch restrictions on depth and speed but it works unlike my failed attempts at modifying doctrine files to make the SS-N-15&16 act as nuclear sub launched SRBMs for land attack missions

If you only want to play a particular mission that requires a cruise missile strike and dont want the change to be permanant it is should also possible to modify only the .lod file in the Dangerous Waters folder (ie the 344_589_New Player.lod file for the alfa). Simply set up the mission in game by loading mines in place of the cruise missiles you want in the weapon selection then exit the game and use a hex editor to replace the weapons indexes in the .lod file. This can be reset by simply deleting the lod file and if you dont open the weapon selection menu when restarting the mission it shouldnt crash if you havent added the bmp file

I post this here in case people come to this thread looking for a solution to a similar problem as mine
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