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Default Oxygen usage on GIbraltar run?

Hello all.

Used to be an avid player of SH3, so I got this game recently to try it out. So I've started my first game and tried to do the Gibraltar run as my first mission. However, whenever I submerge, I only have enough oxygen to last about an hour before I need to surface to replenish. The batteries also seem to run dry quite quickly. Is this correct or am I missing something? As far as I've read, the early types of submarine could stay submerged for 8-10 hours.

Thanks for any replies.
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This is a problem i have noticed... and im not sure what the problem with the time scale is precicely. BUT;

if you notice the clock - it runs in ten minue intervals. So if you sit in the middle of the sea, on 1X time compression, approximately every seven or eight seconds IRL, the game clock skips ahead to the next 10th minute in game. (such as it being 05:00 in game, then 7 seconds in real life pass, now it is 05:10!)

Also, if you were watching the sun (or conversely the moon) during this same span of time it streaks across the sky as if it were at 10X time compression. meaining that if you sit in the middle of the sea and watch the sunrise on "1x compression", and you watch and watch and watch and eventually see the sunset - IRL - only something on the order of 15-20 minutes will have passed for you IRL - yet it has been a whole day in game.

My first observations is that this makes a true "1X" patrol impossible

My second observation is that when peering through the scope at the slow crawl of a merchant across the periscope reticle, In real life 4 or 5 minute might have passed, but in game, the game clock now shows that 20 minutes have passed!

My third observation is that things like countdowns - are way off - for example, oxygen use and morale decay

I have noticed that oxygen use will indicate "fully depleted in 1 hr 28 minutes" for example. Well.. is this in game? is this In real life" how is this quantified?

I have submered and streaked across a grid square at 5X compression while the oxygen countdown continues, but in the game, i was time compressed, and while the timer continued to countdown from an hour and a half or more, the in game time submerged was more on the order of 10 or 12 hours.

so im not sure exactly where the oxygen usage countdown draws its information from.

but i do know, that until the game and all the associated "time gauges" all run on the same one minute scale - like SH3, 4 and 5 did - this is going to be an issue.

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