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Default Suggestion: On screen "Captains orders" for non AI players

So, I am a big fan of the game. My computer basically can barely play it, and when I've tried to play with voice chat, that tiny extra burden on my computer really put it over the edge, and my voice signal becomes intermittent at best, and interruptive and distracting more often than not.

This unfortunately led to me having to set the game aside for a bit, until the single player bots came out. Now the bots are fantastic, they don't work perfect yet, but perfect enough, and it's cool that there are still some tasks that need to be attended to anyways (negative tanks, ballast, etc). Also for what it's worth, for me the performance seems to have improved since I last played.

OK- so all that being said, I wonder if there could be a system when NOT playing with bots, where the captain uses the same interface and can request speeds, depths, headings, torpedo settings, etc, but rather than being automatically fulfilled as with the bots, it would just show a HUD on players screens showing the captains active orders, and then the players would have to complete those orders on their own.

Now I know, you're thinking, voice chat is the better and more realistic way to do that, and I agree in principle... BUT... as stated before, my voicechat kind of restricts my being able to play with others. Also, and I can't over-emphasize this, I'm KIND OF shy, and not always comfortable to voice chat if I don't know the people. I would love to be able to jump into random games and not -have- to voice chat to somewhat effectively play. Thoughts?

PS I forgot a 3rd reason I would love this feature, when my wife is sleeping I want to play Wolfpack and not be waking her up!!
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I like this Idea. All players could toggle the interface the same way you do with the bots, so you are not forced to use it. It would not only be good for those unable or unwilling to use voice, but also help overcome language barriers.
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