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Default DotMod Releases

As a Christmas gift too you all, (and as a matter of coincidence), 0.3a is now available for download! We've added a number of new models, fixed some nasty bugs, fixed the English localization for 1984 USSR, and even added some Christmas spirit on the load screen!

To install this variant properly you will need to delete the previous version of the dotmod folder!

Special thanks for 0.3a to our new little group of Beta Testers: Cmdr SCF_01, General_Dave_1, Mapashelas, RedFor best for, trenchgun91, and 🌸杏奈女帝🇯🇵

  • (New) Ticonderoga-class CG by ElectricBoat, customised by TheHappyYachter and with textures by Kevin DDSSTT (Team effort!)
  • (New) Type 42/City-class DDG by TheHappyYachter with textures by Kevin DDSSTT
  • (New) Gearing-class DD by TheHappyYachter with textures by Kevin DDSSTT
  • (New) RUM-139 by TheHappyYachter with textures by Kevin DDSSTT
  • (New) Sea Dart by TheHappyYachter
  • (Fix) New textures for the Virginia-class by Kevin DDSSTT
  • (Fix) Ohio-class texture resolution

  • (Fix) Added new vessels to Campaigns
  • (Fix) Merged USSR Campaigns
  • (Fix) Yandex auto translations of Russian Language Campaign (Anglicisation in progress)
  • (Fix) Some additional Russian Translations of English
  • (Fix) Campaign data for Campaign 2 and 4
  • (Fix) Standard Missile Variants for Ticonderogas and ex-Terrier vessels
  • (Fix) Tweaked some vessel noise values
  • (Fix) Correct vessel variants in campaigns
  • (Fix) Loadout issues in some subs

  • (New) New sprites for Weapons by SteelShark
  • (New) Delta III DC Image by SteelShark
  • (New) Ohio DC Image by SteelShark
  • (New) Addon Management UI
  • (New) Ship profiles for Virginia, T21, and T42 by SteelShark

  • (New) Additional Debug Information
  • (New) Sorting of Vessels Implemented
  • (New) Sorting of Weapons Implemented
  • (New) Weapons.txt file deprecated and removed
  • (New) Allow multiple sensor description files
  • (New) Allow multiple sensor files
  • (New) Allow definition of Hull Prefixes through text files
  • (New) Support of ingame addon management
  • (New) Tracer for CIWS can be adjusted and Audio Clip can be changed
  • (New) Noisemaker logic and values
  • (New) Removed vessel list
  • (Fix) Player RBU Bugs fixed
  • (Fix) Rationalised some Error codes
  • (Fix) Applied Christmas Spirit (and Christmas Spirits for those of drinking age)
  • (Fix) Bugfixes for missiles without all effect types
  • (Fix) Min speed for Towed Array reduced
  • (Fix) Enchanced Wake Homing torpedo behavior, fixed bug that could cause jamming of WH torpedoes

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