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Glad you had a nice time.
Nothing in life is to be feard,it is only to be understood.

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Yes we had.

These fine people were present:
Schroeder/SS - arrived later
Catfish/SS - arrived later
Olek (who works at HDW/ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems)
OLzS Paul xxx (forgot his name), who serves currently on U-3x and guided us through
ah yes, and me, BL!TZKR!EG/DEF+TBT

Since the only response I had was "noon" I arrived as scheduled at 12:04 and walked down to the boat. It was raining heavily, so I took cover and did not wait at the chart, but approx. 6m over the street, near the shop where you can buy the tickets.

Hmmmmm. Nobody there. Then I went to the cashier in front of U-995 and "flirted with grandma" (she led me in later w/o fee), but still noone arrived.

When finally the north-German rain decided to take a break, I returned to the meeting-point and suddenly saw Neal - but already coming OUT of the boat. The others stayed in the boat even longer to take even more pictures while Neal and I had a little chat, now the sun came out and my clothes were drying.

And then they all came - and I did not recognize Dan. Now looking at some older pictures I must say: Dan, you have not changed A BIT. Even the boots, the pants and the shirt - all the same. See this old pic from around 2011 or so:

And look YET closer! Even the socks are still the same. While Neal and I agreed that we changed (and as he put it we have become "bigger" and he therefore has no shirt for me), I can emphasize that you Dan, you have not changed at all in the last 5 years!!!

We then moved our butts up the memorial - for me it was the very first time I went up the the "USA"-way: with the elevator. I had been visiting the boat and the memorial as in my yearly schedule 5 weeks ago, but then we went the 300+ stairs (326?). And I don't like elevators, I was never able to have sex there (rest censored for Subsim rules to leave it family-compatible, ).

Up on the lower platform it was very windy, we did not stay long. Olek, who solely took the stairs arrived earlier than I thought and we saw a convoy coming in - errrr... no... that was an OPTIMIST regatta. Looked like white lines on the sea.

Since we were getting hungry and all others had already left (because they seemed even more hungry), Dan, Olek an I decided to get down so that we do not lose our tour which was guided well by OLzS Paul. I find he did a nice job, his knowledge als studied Marine-Historian and his practice on board made him a good choice as guide for us. At this time we welcomed SCHROEEEEEDER!! and Catfish. And when I saluted with "Deutschland" they immediately knew who I was - strange

We went down into the lower hall which this time seemed very dark to me - and yes, we took our caps off...

To me the most interesting thing in there was to see one of the only two remaining TDCs in a hidden broom closet behind the TV-presentation. I had never imagined that such a rarity would just "LIE" there on the floor and that I would get such to see in my life.

We took a lot of pictures and Einar filmed its functions, so stay tuned.

After I finally won the fight against that broom that constantly fell on my head when kneeing down to try the TDC out we went to the ADMIRAL's restaurant to meet in the "Admiral's corner" - Catfish took some nicer pic of that. And after making translations about the dishes, Neal of course took a fat steak - errrr. NOT! That was a Schnitzel... OLzS Paul showed us more books that he took out of his car (where he even had two German Navy replica from England) and I was already cheering up when he opened the medals/awards-pages - since we at |DEF| had just lost our work of two weeks to a flaw in our forum. Someone get me that book. After this Paul waved good-bye and we thanked him.

But since we are NERDY ---AND--- ELITE...

we decided we would go into the boat... AGAIN! The U-995 seemed empty, so we took the opportunity to satisfy Dan's obsession - in fact all ours... and suddenly Neal and I looked at each other and asked ourselves: Where have all the people suddenly come from? They must have thought another guided tour has started.

I was enjoying to discuss the trim-tanks with Catfish who seemingly has it in his genes: His grandfather served on U-xxx (forgot the number), a destroyer AND the TIRPITZ - and survived that all.

Out of a sudden all were gone and only Catfish and I were still fumbling around with the torpedo settings when I persuaded him to stay inside for 2 mins - it was again raining cats and dogs.

Finally we gathered together at the souvenir-store and had to split. SCHROEEEEEDER!!!!! and Catfish waved good bye and we decided to get downtown and "drunk" - errr? Neal, how will you ever manage to get drunk, when you do not drink alcohol? Nevermind, it was better this way, we had a good driver and we enjoyed FREE PARKING outside Sweden -

Since this was my first evening in Kiel I asked some locals about some nice bars, and all we found was closed! What was that!! We then ended up in some smaller student-pub/cafe which had beer on draught and espresso for me.

We took the chance to have some interesting chats until Oscar and Neal could not avoid to go political again - well but it was still okay.

After we left this pub, Einar found paradise!!!!!!!

We went to some Doener-store where Einar apparently found his personal paradise: He had fresh tasty falafel AND the good German beer (cerveza BIEN fria!!!) in one store. And he explained in best English to the Syrian dude working there who did not get a word : that it is impossible in Socialist Sweden to get such good falafel - and that the beer would be missing, from which he gladly took another one with him (night ration!!!).

Einar, did you not get into the kitchen inside the store? What did it look like?

Anyway, a most pleasant day came to its end. We got back to the car - it was still there and yes, we DID find it due to Dan's special senses and before the remaining 4 returned to their hotel, they brought me to the train-station for me to take the train home.

My thanks go to:

Neal - especially for the SUBSiM-stuff, but please next time post also on Subsim when we suddenly meet 3 hours earlier than discussed and even go into U-995's tower (!)

Dan - for having an open ear to my ideas and being the designer of my favorite sim

Einar & Oscar - vegetarians and falafel+beer-lovers by the book and makers of Marulken

Schroeder - for being the most right-winged-leftist German I know - "starring himself"

Catfish - for his immense technical knowledge and all the explanations given

OLzS Paul - for his sense of humor and the good tour(!)

Olek - for the medal and our business-card, will contact you unless you have to shoot me after sharing knowlegde

and me, myself and I....

yours... BL!TZKR!EG

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Originally Posted by Commander Wallace
Due to obligations I have, I regret I won't be able to attend the Subsim meet. It would have been great to meet the others and I would have liked the chance to meet you just chat with you in a relaxed environment.

I hope you and the others enjoy your time together. Take lots of pictures and let us all know about your Subsim trip.

Enjoy. Best Regards.

Thank you for this friendly note!
I hope the report gives you an insight.
Pictures will follow by Catfish, Einar and Oscar

Ah, and if you would like to speak with me, see the DEF-schedule and just join up on TS3. Click on TS3 in my signature:

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Icon12 U buggahs!

Originally Posted by Conan View Post
Cant find catfish.... Neal
Originally Posted by Aktungbby View Post
Conan! after an eight year silent run!
Originally Posted by Sailor Steve View Post
Originally Posted by Schroeder View Post
Conan is Neal. Don't ask for details though.
Originally Posted by Jimbuna View Post
You cruel bugga

Originally Posted by August
Hey Neal, maybe you should create an anonymous account for posting on GT so you can be a jerk like the rest of us when you want to be without people rage quitting over it...
Originally Posted by 'CONAN'
Haha, man, that would interesting. But no, I wouldn't do that to you guys.
Originally Posted by AktungBBY
NO NO in in Henry V the king walks anonymously among the the troops the night before Agincourt...(or Kiel) to get the feel of the troops before the fight!
Well I suspiciously considered the Wilbur Plotnik (anonymous account: I always do this) thing before posting a 'welcome aboard'; looked it up and noted a few downloads and a very current album-deemed it an authentic 1st post and was jus' bein' hospitable! Neal has crossed his own "T'... and takes my advice! Naturally I've sent a Conan a friendship request!
Originally Posted by Jimbuna
Ever the diplomat
"Only two things are infinite: The Universe and human stupidity; And I'm not too sure about the Universe..." Philip K. Dick

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[QUOTE=BL!TZKR!EG;2424763]Thank you for this friendly note!
I hope the report gives you an insight.
Pictures will follow by Catfish, Einar and Oscar

It certainly sounds like a worthwhile trip and I'm glad you got to go. Too bad the weather didn't cooperate . I'm sure it was a trip the others won't soon forget either. I will look for pictures from the trip and thanks for taking them.

Now I really want to see U- 995.
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Old 08-07-2016, 12:31 PM   #66
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Hello all!!
This was great but much too short, thanks so much to all who were able to come. We arrived late due to at least four different traffic jams all the way up to Kiel, accompanied by torrential rain falls now and then, for our entertainment. Was very nice going there and meet you, only downside was Penguin didn't make it.

So we were late and waited here and there, walked up to the Memorial checking all entrances but missing the vital one
Schroeder then took the stairs up to the platform (57 meters) while i lazily guarded the elevator doors down there, but they must have been at the lower hall.. so Schroeder and me had some ..err.. challenges to find the rest, after all we only knew how Neal looked like, and the telephones seemed to have an all-day problem

Being able to access Subsim via phone and looking for pms we finally got the real telephone number of some "Conan" , and what can i say he is a real nice guy and did not even look or behave as barbarian as we first thought

All the best,

Will upload the photos soon here, this evening

>^..^<*)))>{ All generalizations are wrong.
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I'm greatly looking forward to those
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Congratulated for the great meeting
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Originally Posted by Catfish View Post
Schroeder then took the stairs up to the platform (57 meters) while i lazily guarded the elevator doors down there, but they must have been at the lower hall..
I nearly blacked out half way through (that was because of the high altitude and not me being a couch potato of course) but I managed to climb the whole thing just to find nobody on the platforms...
Putting Germ back into Germany.
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Hi again,

will place only some photos up here. Photobucket is soo slow.. but then it's free. Currently looking for another online picture reservoir..
Will be easier to put it on Box/Dropbox, and post the link, so only a few here.
And will not bore you with photos of the subs' interior, please look for those via the later dropbox link.
Regarding the captions please bear with me, maybe i misunderstood a few things

The memorial at Laboe:

The boat:

Bernhard? Schroeder??

The crew:

Some of the crew with Kaleun Paul (what was his last name?), handing out U-boat equipment for the mission :
He is an Oberleutnant in the Bundesmarine, and among other tasks, commanded to a 212A boat.

Paul or Neal? had reserved a special suite in the "Admiral Scheer" restaurant, which otherwise was exclusively used by members of the "Marinebund" or veterans of the KM. Again thanks for all this!

Conan in the control room:

Mouthpieces of speaking tubes, left for Doenitz, middle for Blitzkrieg, right for Neal
Blitzkrieg submitted a loud "Alaaarm Tauchen!!!" via his phone through one of the mouthpieces, we can only imagine what the visitors in the rear quarters thought
I also have a "ping" ringtone on my phone and was called by the wife right in the control room, it was all very crazy

Prepare for dive: Both Skvader developers at the diveplane controls:

Dan (one of the SH3/4/5 developers) and Blitzkrieg at the observation scope

Conan at the helm, turning his back on the controls..

Neal explains our course:

Neal and Dan have different opinions regarding our destination..

But then Dan seems to be enlightened by Neal's proposal:

Dan and "Deutschland!" in the control room, doing their thing

This is where we left the boat

All the best,

>^..^<*)))>{ All generalizations are wrong.
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It's like taking a trip down the memory lane.

Thanks for sharing those pictures.

And of course the stories from the meeting.

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Originally Posted by Aktungbby;2424774 and others
I was tying to locate Catfish, I had his phone number in my PMs, but could not log into my Neal account (password error), so I had to use the Conan account to get in touch with him.
Would you like to join my Wolfpack crew? Friend me on STEAM, my username is SUBSIM.
Good hunting and don't forget to close the hatch!

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Great pics Catfish. We'll take more if you got them.

How many of those shirts does Neal have?
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Names as to who is who would be of some benefit perhaps?

Wise men speak because they have something to say; Fools because they have to say something.
Oh my God, not again!!

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Looks like it was a great little meet. You all look like you had a good time. Funny no one visited the bilge.

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kiel , meeting

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