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Default Seahunter - The Player Classes

Seahunter: The player classes.

(Except I400) I 400 was developed in a different environment, you can see it at the launch of the boat so this only the German
Boats you have, I400 is an other Thread.

(Video Forum / Here).This is the development environment that exists only for the german boats.

Here every detail has been developed, reviewed and individualized, as well as programmed

(and extensions are still under development). Just see it as my "Boot Garage", as soon as a boat is finished, or everything

is tuned for it, it is exported, and comes to the main project. So I can easily expand, rebuild and quickly change or

replace something.

In total, there are now instead of the planned 2, whole 3 player boat classes of the German Navy. These differ again.

Mainly you will play the Type VII in the Campania of Germany. Missions are numerous and varied, so flexible are the boats.

The Rest i wrote inside the Pictures.

I am happy to awnser Questions, or to hear from you.

Andy / Smoking Head Studio.

( Things i forgot to show:
- the Net Saw
- the Boat Emblems ( i hope you can see a little, there flexible 16 this time inside)
- the Boat Numbers not so good to see in the Pictures, i explain this later.

so: Some Boat Numbers you can change in the Ingame Store, other Boat Numbers not, they are only for special Missions ( like - save U 110 and other ).

Hint: The Boat Number of the Typ XXI is this Time the Number of Adalbert Schnee.
His Typ XXI was colored in "White", this is also made, but not in this Development Scene here)

PS: I'm not a picture maker for the big promotion, I think the content is important.

Smoking Head Software.

German Developer Studio.

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