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Default Ye olde Wolfpack by Novalogic is for sale once again.

So Zoom Platform (no not the messaging service) just released the classic subsim Wolfpack by Novalogic:

while no where near as good as Aces of the Deep and Silent Hunter 1, I found it to be fun, and while it lacks a career mode or campaign it did have the ability to make its own missions but I loved it none the less making my own version of WWII submarine warfare.

so grab it! its 5.99
(after all I annoyed Zoom Platform's CEO on discord to get it out sooner!)

I have also suggested that Zoom Platform gets Aces of the Deep and Command Aces of the Deep and put them for sale but who knows how long that is going to take.

So yeah.

I am also working on "expansion" of sorts for the game, but more on that later.

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