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Get ready for a whole new level of realism!
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Default Video gameplay WIP

Do we have a backup plan?
Yes. Kill everyone on sight.
I like it. Can we make it the main?
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Normally, I won't even consider watching a video. I despise the entire video trend. Everybody does everything by video now. I can't stand YouTube. But everyone posts them and wants to be a movie star. The whole world went to hell in a hand-basket when they invented moving picture shows. And then talkies. And it was all downhill from there.

HOWEVER! This morning, I decided that it wouldn't kill me to watch a couple of minutes of this. I ended up watching the whole thing.

All right. I'm ready. You can definitely count on a sale to me as soon as it's released. I hope that's soon. It's been on my Steam Wish List for ages.

You know, if you got it out by Father's Day on the nineteenth, I could use guilt and emotional manipulation to extort a gift copy from my wife and kids, thus leaving my spending money in reserve for any future DLC releases. It's a win-win for me and the devs!

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